Ebony Leather Mistress Sissies In Leather

The Ebony Femdom has a new phone sex audio in the store for sissies. Ebony Leather Mistress – Sissies In Leather Call Duchess Willow 1-800-601-6975

What does it feel like to be stripped of your masculinity and turned into my personal leather clad bitch? The Ebony Leather Mistress trains a new sissy, and decides to forgo the route of frilly pinks and satin and lace, dressing her sissy in leather. The leather sissy even gets a new girl name. You can find my new ebony femdom audio, in the phone sex audios store, along with my other erotic file offerings.

Ebony Leather Mistress – The Leather Sissy

If you’re going to be a sissy, you might as well look good for me, and smell good too. That means after a good scrub down and makeover, you’re going to get all prettied up in leather from head to toe and do my bidding. This audio is just the beginning of your leather fetish journey.  Approximately 11:17 minutes of sissy school training and servitude to the Ebony Femdom, introduction to your new life as a sissy, and what will be expected of you as my new leather bitch.

Ebony Giantess Duchess Willow

The Ebony Giantess returns to Giantess Island 1-877-496-0255

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