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Multiple Mistresses or Just One?

Deciding On What’s Best For Your Domination Journey

By Mistress Alina Sky

I’ve recently aquired a few new submissives that were actually owned by other mistresses, and they were loyal to those Mistresses for YEARS and years.
This is quite a Hot Topic – Multiple Mistresses Or Just One? Deciding On What’s Best For Your Domination Journey  – Because it touches upon so MANY triggers and often you, the submissive will feel overwhelemed and even guilty about venturing out to try new Mistresses or switching a Mistress altogether in your evolving Domination Journey.

Let me help you with this important dilemma and how to address it correctly so it’s smooth sailing for you and your long time Mistress when and if you decide to swith, or incorporate multiple mistresses as part of your Submissive Lifestyle, and the reason most submissives decide to switch a Mistress alltogether.

Hot Topic-Multiple Mistresses or Just One
Choosing a Mistress

Chosing a Mistress can be a very daunting task, because it’s exactly like any close relationship (or even like marriage) for a submissive.

So many issues must be addressed and many needs met in order to create that special relationship – The submissive evolving journey, The Mistress Experience, her preffered style of domination vs what the submissive feels he or she can comply with, schedules, lifestyle situations, and on and on.

The bottom line you pretty much need to know how to reduce that noise to one thing and one thing only. YOU, AS A SUBMISSIVE, NEED TO FEEL THAT SPECIAL CONNECTION ABOVE ALL. Hot Topic-Multiple Mistresses Or Just One


Hot Topic-Multiple Mistresses or Just One – Stuck in a Rut

So let’s say you’ve found the PERFECT Mistress, and have been collared and owned, your sessions are amazing, you feel this deep connection, week after week, month after month, year in and year out.  And then, one day,  you realize that those sessions, somehow, stopped working for you. You feel as if you are stuck in a rut.

As a Lifestyle Dominatrix myself, who sees submissives in person, I work with my clients very intensly, most of them belonged to other mistresses for years and years before they became mine.
Being a Mistress is my PASSION and being on LDW gave me the options, especially in times of Covid, to provide amazing session experiences to my clients.
Distance Domination is Amazing.
And this is why I’m on LDW so you can benefit from phone sessions with a Mistress that has that in person sessions experience.Hot Topic-Multiple Mistresses Or Just One

This has several solutions, one of which, you need to discuss this first and foremost with your longtime Mistress, something I ALWAYS encourage my clients to do, SPEAK UP. COMMINICATE.
Submissive or not, you are a CLIENT and I am here FOR YOU.

It is of the utmost importance that you are able to voice your needs pre session and communicate your goals in a way that your Mistress understands how to craft the session, because this is exactly how I go about creating the perfect experience for you.
I ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS even if you don’t know how to explain yourself, so I can have a roadmap for us both.

If your sessions with your Mistress do not provide new challanges, evolve with your needs, or stuck in a rut, THIS is when you speak up, or think about switching. These sessions are all about YOU beign the best Submissive you can be, so never forget that.

Multiple Mistresses or Just One?
What is Best for You?

So basically the answer to this depends on how you feel with your current Mistress, and how you feel about your needs as a submissive going forward.

Personally, I feel it’s ususally best to form a close bond with a Mistress that can help you go deeper because your chemistry and relationship really work well together, and you NEED continuity in order to really do a deep dive into your Domination and Submission Journey for maximum effect.

My specific method IDeal Phone Sex  Sessions – is a personal “fingerPrint” sessions that are created JUST FOR YOU and WILL PROGRESS with YOUR evovling needs
Hot Topic-Multiple Mistresses Or Just OneHaving said that, some of you, as submissives, don’t need or want to go that deep, and like a variety of Mistress experience and styles, Each Mistress brings something unique to the sessions, and it’s perfectly fine to give yourself to as many Mistresses you wish, because that way you give yourself a fresh take on things, especially if you mostly  have one or two fantasies and roleplays you prefere, so having a new Mistress take over gives that similar scanario a new take and direction which is super funHot Topic-Multiple Mistresses Or Just One

Deciding on What’s Best for Your Domination Journey

How LDW gives you the BEST solutions/options.


With LDW it’s easy to figure out what’s best for you, because often times you just can’t POSSIBLY figure out what works and what doesn’t and it can be incredibly frustrating (not to mention pricey) to make endless phone sessions and sort out your domination path.

LDW gives you a session guarantee, first and foremost, you should be able to either feel the chemistry or not, and if not, you can still try those 10 min intro sessions to get an idea or a feel about how a Mistress relates to you or your needs.

If you have a regular Mistress, ask her to bring another Mistress on a Two or More Mistrss calls – that way you can see how well Mistresses work together and which ones you can occasionally incorporate into sessions with your regular Mistress, sometimes that is all it takes to give some spice into sessions with your long time Mistress without the need to switch altogetherl

Want to make your search for a new Mistress A LOT easier?
Fill out our Mistress recommendation form right here:
Find The Perfect Mistress 

WRITE to a new Mistress via an email yourself, ask a few questions, make sure you are not sending pages and pages of your background story or interests, that’s not going to be helpful.

Remember, keep it BRIEF,  and know that you can easily purchase a 10, 15, or 20 min into session so you can go more in depth TOGETHER and it’s a MILLION times more effective than emails.

It’s also the RIGHT thing to do, as it’s more respectful to the Mistress Time and given exertiese. You don’t go to a five star restourant and expect free appatizers, and you don’t go into a new doctor or therapist office for free into sessions before you decide, right?

So make sure, after you fill out your recommendation form, and the Mistress suggested to you contacts you, your initial contact emial  back to her is brief so you can decide right away how to proceed.

Again, a short intro session will give you a MUCH faster result than multiple emails will, so that’s the way to go here.

Also we ALL have extensive profiles on VOXEROTIC.COM 

There, you can browes Mistresses, read their bios, take a look at their blogs AND LISTEN TO THEIR VOICES which will make it a LOT esier for you to get a good sense of which of us may work better with you and for you!

Should I tell My Regular Mistress About My Sessions with Other Mistresses?

Honeslty, it’s up to you. But you really DON’T have to. As an LDW client, you have that freedom to call AS MANY Mistresses as you possibly wish to call. It will ALWAYS BE CONFIDENTIAL and us Mistresses NEVER discuss clients between each other, unless a client specifically asks us to work together in session with them.

So your Mistress call history and preferences are PROTECTED and never disclosed. See? Easy Peasy.

In closing ~
It’s important to remember that are many factors as to why your Mistress Submissive long term relationship may come to a gradual or abrapt end.
I know that it’s difficult for Submissives to accept that their Domination Goddess is all too human, with her own life challanges. Changing schedules, moving, evovling family situations or just retirement may bring your relationship with your Mistress to alter or end, and it really has nothing to do with your Mistress actual skill. Just life being life.
It’s very normal for Abandoned Submissives to feel despondent, hurt and heartbroken, because for them the relationship may have been the center of their entire world, and it’s just like a divorce or even death for them, the impact is deep and painful.

Lucky for you, if you are reading this, you have landed in Mistress Heaven, where there are MANY amazing options to choose from, with our LDW guarantee to find the absolute best fit OR FITS for ALL your Domination Needs.


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Hot Topic-Multiple Mistresses Or Just One

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