The Altar of Alina

Secrets of Goddess Worship

All Mistresses may view themselves as Goddesses, but for the Worship Connoisseur, that may not translate into Goddess Worship Centered Domination in Actual Sessions.

There are MANY ways to submit in a Femdom Universe, but Goddess Worship is a very specific session type.

When you choose your Mistress In Her Goddess Form you are expected to show an extent of  sumbissive dedication and methodology of worship and servitude. Worshipping your Mistress as a Goddess is the HIGHEST and most devoted form of servitude, And in this blog post, we will explore what it takes to Worship At The Alter of Alina.

When, as your Mistress, you offer your submission and servitude to me as Not only your Mistress, but as your Goddess – you deepen, enhance and escalate your submissive experience.

So, do YOU have what it takes to worship at The Alter of Goddess Alina?
Let’s dive in.The Alter of Goddess Alina

The Altar of Alina
Goddess Centered Domination

A woman/Mistress or Femdom provider that says she’s a “Goddess” has to have the gravitas to back that up, and that comes from experience, abilities, and the undeniable talent and inner power, that encompasses MANY facets, Especially cerebral fire power like no other. You will know a Goddess when you start speaking with her, she is always, ALWAYS a cut above the rest, and you NEVER know what to expect as her depth of domination will cut deeper and see further into your very core of existance. There is NO hiding from that Divine Dominatrix, She Sees All, Knows All, and WILL use that power.

A REAL Goddess is one that inspires awe, reverence, worship and inspires all that is divine in her methodology of domination,
Just to say “I’m a Goddess” is NOT enough if a Mistress can’t back that up in her actual sessions and interactions with her submissives, and when you are in session with me, you WILL see exactdly what I mean, and the distinict cabapilites that will inspire you to push further and prove yourself worthy for Worship at The Alter of Alina.

The Altar of Alina
From Sensuality to Serenity

When you offer yourself to A True Goddess you will see that she has no limits in what she can offer, and that is what my clients will tell you – My spectrum is unlimited, I do NOT have a niche, I DO NOT limit myself to one facet of domination and I am NEVER just one thing.

A Goddess Based Domination Session is as mercurial and mysterious as A Femdom Goddess wishes it to be, and all we True Goddesses Demand is the you offer yourself COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY.

It is essensial that you commit to the session entirely and give all of yourself as A Goddess demands devotion, and in return from sensuality, serenity, to cruelty and captivity, and everything in between is at it’s highest intensity and will stay with you for days and days after your session.

The Altar of Alina
Intensity is Instinctively 

A True Goddess Based Dominaiton is noted by it’s intensity.

That is not to suggest that it’s hyper or rushed or overwhelming because that is NOT always the case, at least not when you Worship at the Alter of Alina.

I do have to mention that I do NOT dabble in domination, it is ALL that I do for a living so my dedication, experience and knowledge will lead you down a fascinating ever evolving journey and it will be highly satysfying for both of us.

You don’t always be required to worship and worship only, but you will have to show me how happy you are to be here, with me, and how much we give each other the most we can in our sessions.

Every submissive or client is different so a Goddess knows how to alter and flow with the needs of each client, which is vital to your full happiness and success, and sessions with me are highly rewarding and can help you in your day to day life, as you will be rejuvenated and empowered upon return to your reality and daily life.

A Goddess love for her worshippers is felt in all ways, and this is a great honor, to be chosen, to be known, to be heard and understood by a divine Goddess, Mistress, Playmate and Confident.

Looking forward to our collaborative play. 💋
The Alter Of Goddess Alina



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