Abandoned by My Mistress

Hot Topic ~  Mistress Abandonment Issues, the toll it takes on long term submissives, and what to do about it.

By Lifestyle Mistress Alina Sky.

Mistress abandonment, or a new client coming to me with the dreaded claim that he or she has “Been Abandoned By My MIstress” is becoming a frequent issue I’ve considered addressing before, but did not have a chance yet, so let’s take a closer look at this, well, crisis.

This is a real topic of contention for me (behold my facial expression in the featured image of this blog), but this is in NO WAY written against ANY Mistress or person in anger or blame. This is basically life being life, and we ALL had that experesssion regarding one existential crisis or another, Life Is Messy.

I DO feel that, as a Lifestyle Mistress, I was going to write about  this issue at some point, mostly for the sake of my new, and long term clients, because that is a fear that they have voiced to me on a regular basis. And it’s a very real concern for many of you, who have come to depend on a Mistress in your lives, to a point that having her there is at the very center of your existance, daily life, and even identity.

So, what happens when Mistress Abandonment becomes a reality to a long term, loyal submissive, and what can you do about it, so that your entire world feel like it’s collapsing, without a support system or anyone who truly understand this substantial loss?

In this post I will address the very real effects of losing your Mistress and REAL TIME solutions of how to effectively deal with that loss and move forward with all your Submission and Dominaiton Journey in a healthy and constructive ways.

Let’s dive in.

Abandoned By My Mistress

My Actual Facial Expression When I hear A Mistress Just abandoned Her Cllient😒

Abandoned by My Mistress-
The Imbalance of a Proffessional Dom/sub relationships

You’ve found the Mistress of Your Dreams. You may or may not have a written and signed contract of exclusivity, but it’s certainly implied and understood that she is your Main Mistress if not the Only Mistress you belong to.

You have great chemistry, and established a long term commitment that will be very detailed and span every area of your life. Some Mistress ownerships go very deep, and if it’s a healthy constructive ownerships (WHICH ARE THE ONLY ONES I SUPPORT AND ENGAGE IN), those D/s interactions will benefit you in all ways.

At some point in your life, you realized that You NEED to belong to a Mistress. You haven’t found anyone socially that can fully address and understand what you wish for, because for the most part, unless you are in the presence of a proffessional Dominatrix, as a submissive, you will not be fully understood. Basically it’s like ANY truly proffessional service, you don’t ask your wife or girlfriend to perform a root canal unless she is a Dental Surgoen and you can’t expect anyone who doesn’t understand Domination Fully, to meet your needs as a submissive, especially if you don’t understand those needs yourself.

Full Spectrum Domination is a highly complicated proffession, it took me YEARS of actual lifestyle sessions with a great Dominatrix Mentor to get to where I am today, endless hours, phone calls, research, talking with clients, men, women and couples, to offer what I can offer right now, it was a very long road and I STILL learn new things daily, because THIS is my life’s work and passion.

Now, let’s say after a long search you finally found the Mistress of Your dreams, and are in deep relationship, possibly an ownership contract, regular sessions, and that relationship has gone on for years and years.

Once you give yourself to an actual Mistress you found to meet all your needs, this obviously takes immense amount of trust and also means that you have given yourself FULLY to another person that, unless you are MARRIED to her and she is your Dominate Wife (I will get into that later in this post, as well) – Yet that Mistress who owns you only shows you a PART of herself, namely you are her JOB.

This is the only industry where many times logic goes right out the window. For example, let’s say you have a favorite restaurant, and even if you dine in that place every day of your life and that Chef makes your meal EVERY night and has become your best friend, you NEVER expect that Chef to leave that place of employment and invite you over to his private home so he can cook your meals for free on a regular basis. See what I mean?

No matter how that Mistress may be the center of YOUR world, for the most part you are absolutly NOT the center of HERS, and unfortunatly, MANY submissives either don’t understand this fact or choose to ignore it completely.

Hence lies the great imbalance in the professional worls of D/s relationship, and it’s a hard topic to broach and talk about, but I pride myself on being a truth teller, and I’m not here to run a scam or to make promises I cannot keep. I care a LOT about my submissives and as a Lifestyle And Distance/Phone Dominatrix this is my ONLY line of income, as of 2022, so for me, this isn’t a part time hobby, at all.

Abandoned by My Mistress

The Loss and Grief You Feel is Valid

No really, it totally IS.
And many of my clients told me how devestated they were when a long term (sometimes decades long) their commitment and loyalty to their Mistress has spanned this many years.

So when their beloved Mistress is gone, there is this huge gap left, smack dab in the center of their very lives, and what’s worse, is that they cannot really discuss their loss with their friends or loved ones, and definitely not process this void in their lives correctly.

Lucky for you, if you are reading this, here in LDW, you have reached the BEST place to work out a replacement Mistress that can help you launch your submissive lifestyle in a continuous streamlined manner.

You can work with a few of us or just choose One of Us, and so Enchantrix Emprie can be your home for all your Domiation and Erotica needs for as long as you wish it to be.



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Abandoned by My Mistress
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