Mistress/Submissive Sexual Relationship

Debunking the Myth
Examining Reality
And Finding YOUR Path

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In this blog post I shall explore the elusive and complex equation of the Mistress/Submissive Sexual Relationship.

It’s has always been a hot topic of debate and both volitile and mercurial on so many levels.
Essentially because of the power exchange that may put a Mistress and her Submissives in a constant state of flux. One that can irrevocably alter you entire dynamics with your Mistress, your Domination journey, goals, purpose and tone.

Mistress/Submissive Sexual Relationship

Not all Domination Sessions are about Sex at all.

As a Lifestyle Mistress who caters to couples only, and as a Distance/Virtual Mistress who does sessions for all who are drawn to me, I can telll you, if you don’t already know this yourself, that every D/s sessions and relatiponships vary greatly, are highlyt nuanced, and are constantly subject to change or evolve as you move forward iin your exploration journey.

This very evolution I speak for is VITAL, both for you as a submissive and for your Mistress. I say this often, but it does bear repeating.
Every long term relationship tend to fall into a same sort of habit, pattern and repetition. And although some measure of disciplined fixed routines and affirmations are neccessary to main the D/s relationship structure, endless repetition without evolution is going to stagnant and lose its efficacy – thus serving no real purpose.

Which here brings me to the very essense of Domination in particular, it’s NOT always based on sexual exchange, it is a highly cerebral, mental and even spiritual connection that blossoms between a Mistress and her submissive. And herein lies the heart of the issue, which is essentially a contradiction, that can actually be curated into a blissful dichotomy, as long as you choose your Mistress wisely, and the connection between you has a strong foundation of trust, honestly, compatibility and clarity.

Mistress/Submissive Sexual Relationship

Attraction To Your Mistress Is Always A Must

Mistress/Submissive Sexual Relationship

This is an important corner stone, even if your Mistress has no intention of having sex with you, her submissive, at any point in time. That attraction to her may come in manyh forms,

You may worship and be attracted to your Mistress physical beauty and attributes, you may be in awe of her, understanding that worshipping her and being dominated without ever having any chance to make love to her for a variety of reasons.

Strictly speaking, when you are in a domination session, your Mistress and you should never engage in a physical relationship where you get to fuck your Mistress, but your Mistress can most certainly tease you about your desires and your lusty needs.

Your unrequited crush and arousal will be leveraged against you in a titilation game of tease and denial. Your Mistress engages her physical allure and mental prowess, as well as your obvious attraction to her as means of Domination methadology, so you are locked in a delightful; push and pull game, and might even put in chastity, to which your Mistress holds the key, controlling your ograsms and your cock.

You might get release in different way, from ruin orgasms to sexual interaction with your Mistress, but the principle of attraction must be there in order for this type of sessions to be effective.

Mistress/Submissive Sexual Relationship

When you are bisexual/gay in a relationship/marriage.

Mistress/Submissive Sexual Relationship

In my distance domination practice I would say that about 85% of my clients are men, who, even if married or in a relationship, embark on a domination journey without their significant other knowledge and thats PERFECTLY FINE.

Your wife/gf/significant other may not share your passion for the BDSM lifestyle, so getting dominated and owned by a Mistress is just for you, and helps you release your stress in a healthy constructive manner, and get release or be subjected to long term denial, depending on your goals and type of submissive you want to be.

Even if you are gay or bisexual, your Mistress will always play a vital role in pushing your bounderies and explore sexual paths and adventures you cannot fully do in your relationships, and in that case you are attracted to your Mistress as you are in awe of her expertise and guidence.

You need her firm hand direction you on your exploration path of bisexuality and submission to superior cocks your Mistress has chosen for you, and you need a Strong dominate woman to make sure you follow through and show obedience and devotion, without having ANY sexual contact of any kind with your Mistress.

Mistress/Submissive Sexual Relationship

Female Led Relationship/ Married to your Mistress

In female led relationships, or even when you are married to your mistress, sexual relations between you two is NOT guaranteed AT ALL. I’ve worked iwth many couples who were total sissies, homosexuals, into faminization and cuckolding, so for the most part they are not always allowed to have sex with their Dominate Mistress Wife, or they need to work very hard for that Privilege…

You are essentially there to service your Mistress Wife, in any way she sees fit, including fluffing her bull or performing sexual acts with her in order to satisfy HER needs, where your needs may not even come into play – So if your are lucky enought to be married to your mistress, count your blessings and always be on your utmost behaviour abd obedience.

In closing –

Essensially the only prevailing rule when it comes to getting sexually and physcally involved with your Mistress of choice is ALWAYS up to her and her alone, and you are there to submit and obey.

If you are a service stud or a bull, her domain is where you need to be. The more you show worship and devition, the more you will be rewarded, Even if you have a tiny penis, and you get a ruined orgasm at your Mistress superior feet, you must always be greatful and humble, NEVER EVER demanding and understand this relationship is about servitude, so Mistresses who married their submissives or are interested in sex slaves and/or pegging is an intense and deeply satisfying Domination Play, for both you and your Mistress

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