You ever have one of those days where you’re just overstimulated and stressed? We all do, but what we do in response to those stress filled and upsetting days can vary. Some people enjoy unplugging and reading a good book with a nice cup of tea close to hand. Others find some exercise really helps unwind the stressed mind and body. And then there’s those who like to combine those ideas into one epic custom erotica tale just for you. You didn’t know you could do that? Oh boy, hold on to your hats!

Do you enjoy erotic stories?

Most people socialized as male tend to be very visual oriented when it comes to sexuality and eroticism. This means most men love pornos. Dirty pictures, videos, nudes, and, yes, this is a big part of why men love dick pics so much! On the other side of the binary, a lot of women and people socialized feminine prefer their erotica in written story form. Now, just because there’s a strong correlation and a lot of folks fall into those patterns, doesn’t mean it’s a universal fact! Plenty of men enjoy a good dirty story, and lots of women find visual pornography appealing. And in fact, a lot of folks like porn that crosses the genre line, too. Sissies are well known for their love of images with short snippets of erotica on them, and dirty stories with illustrations are quite possibly the oldest form of pornography in the world!

No matter what sort of erotica you like best, there’s always ways to make it even better!

Custom Erotica by Mistress Harper


You can ask your favorite Mistress to watch porn with you, and help you bring the fantasy on the screen to full living, intimate, emotional color for you. You can also ask for a custom audio, either from a script you’ve written yourself, or with the creative work of your Mistress. But what if what you really crave is an erotic story that you can come back to again and again, something like a dirty bedtime story just for you? We can do that, too. Bespoke, personalized porn and erotica in the format you love best, made just for you, can be had for a very reasonable price.

Custom erotic audios are priced on a by-the-minute formula. Under 5 minutes is only $40 if you supply the script. Keep in mind that most of the Mistresses, and definitely me, tend to speak about 100 words per minute, so keep an eye on your wordcount when writing your erotica.

But what if what you really want is something written and emailed straight to you?

Let’s say you contact me and ask for a JOI edging story. I’ll want a few details from you, like, do you want a happy ending, or do you want to leave the story still unfulfilled? How long do you want your story to run for, and should I leave the ending open for a sequel? How many installments do you want, how often, and exactly how dirty do you wanna get here? What other erotic elements would you like  me to touch on? Based on that, I can come up with a quote for you. So let’s say you want one story, 1K words, just edging and jerk off instructions, first person my point of view, with a happy ending. That’ll take me about an hour to write and edit for you. You’re in luck, because I charge by the word for this sort of creative work, at ten cents a word. Your erotica will run you $100 even. It will never be used in any blog post or other erotic story, no one else will ever read your story, and you’ll own it entirely. Not bad, right?

Especially since you’ve read my writing, and know my style and general skill with writing dirty stories.

Custom Erotica by HarperThat, by the way, is important! If you want to commission your very own dirty story to jerk off to, make sure the author has a style that will work for you. I do love to write my little weird Halloween stories, but I can also do fairly normal erotica, too. I tend towards a more literary style, I have an advanced vocabulary, and favor complex sentence structures. I love exploring the inner world of my subjects, so writing from the point of view of the submissive man being consumed by his desires until he gives in? That would be my wheelhouse right there. If you have an edging fantasy or jerk off instruction erotic idea you’d like to have me fulfill for you, drop me an email and we’ll work something out. Of course, other fantasies are also welcome! Let me bring your giantess story, or your blasphemy erotica to life.

What’s your favorite style of porn or erotica?

I bet someone at the Empire can bring it to life for you. Now, the prices I quote for my writing are just that: my prices! Don’t expect the other Ladies to also charge you by the word to write erotica. You’ll need to drop your favorite Mistress an email and ask what their prices are like, because holding someone else to my prices is just unreasonable. That’d be like saying that because Sissy Lane is in chastity you don’t get to cum! Whether or not you orgasm is open for negotiation, just like everyone else gets to set their own prices for custom, bespoke, awesome, amazing, erotica and dirty stories.

Are you ready for your very own erotica?

Drop me an email and find out if you and I can make dirty stories happen together. Audio or text, the sky’s the limit, and I really want to help make you cum in your pants.

Your erotica writing Mistress Harper

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