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Hello My Loves!

Chastity Penis Shrinking has been a fascinating part of the BDSM universe, and an important staple of many Female Led Relationships. I know from vast experience that this causes a lot of confusion and sometimes doubts about becoming a Chastity Wearing Submissive, Since it is not always talked about or even fully understood among those who practice long term chastity wearing.Chastity Penis Shrinking Mistress Alina 1-800-356-6196


Have you ever wondered about the effects long term use of chastity devices might have on your physical and mental state?
Do you find it difficult to sustain long term chastity wear, even though you TRULY wish to make this your ultimate goal?
Are you frustrated about the process involved in chastity submission but had no one to assist you?

Well, you are in luck! In this post I will answer all of those questions and show you how Long Term Chastity can not only benefit your Female Led Relationship, but how to go through the process of adjusting to being locked up, and even have your penis shrunk in order to totally submit to being a beta male, or a successful long term Cuckold.
All you need as a Chastity Mistress like myself, to get you started and on the right track in becoming a Chastity Penis Shrinking Submissive!
Let’s Dive In !

Chastity Penis Shrinking
The Device itself
Chastity Penis Shrinking Mistress Alina 1-800-356-6196

First and foremost, you need to understand, that it is of VITAL importance to find the chastity device that’s right for YOU.

Even amongst the avid and most seasoned chastity device wearing men agree that an ill fitting device, would not be sustainable long term.

Choosing the RIGHT  chastity belt/cock cage device, is the first step towards a long term chastity commitment.

We need to make sure that the chastity device itself is a good fit, style, and  material that you can handle long term, at least in the beginning, when you are a novice chastity wearer.

Look at all the different chastity device options right here

When you enlist me as Your Chastity Mistress, we can go over all your options and figure out what is the right fit for you, so we can enter the next stage of chastity training, and if your goal is to shrink your penis, we will progress to Chastity Penis Shrinking later.

Chastity Penis Shrinking
But First, Chastity Training

Chastity Penis Shrinking Mistress Alina 1-800-356-6196

So you have been curious about how to proceed with your chastity training after we have found the right device for you.
It’s not going to be easy at first, but as a beta male, submissive that worships a Goddess, or if you are in a Female Led Relationship that involves cuckolding, you know that long term chastity wear is non-negotiable. You need to get committed to the process, and that is that.

Which is why it is of VITAL importance to enlist a Chastity Training Mistress like myself, that will help you embark on your long term successful Chastity Lock Up journey to lock that cock up with your penis shrinking goals not far behind.

Once you are locked up, our training can begin.
But this is where my methodology is superior and different.
Although having a “Physical key Holder” is a good option, if you have that available to you, a Chastity Training Mistress doesn’t need to actually hold your key.
I’m not even a fan of virtual key holding because there has been huge issues associated with this method, you can read about this issue here:
A security flaw in a hi-tech chastity belt for men 

So My Chastity Training and Penis Shrinking Program is all about unlocking your SUBMISSIVE BETA MIND SET so you can STAY locked.
Unlock your mind, Lock your cock.
I will get you to a point that even if a key is in front of you, you will not even WANT to free yourself.
Just like a caged bird who realizes that FREEDOM has TOO MANY responsibilities.  And besides. We need to shrink that cock to make sure you reach your tiny cocklette goals

Chastity Penis Shrinking
The Why We Shrink You Factor

Chastity Penis Shrinking With Mistress Alina Sky 1-800-356-6196 There are many reasons why a cock needs to be shrunk in size.
All reasons and timelines vary, and lifestyle that leads to chastity penis shrinking has to be vigilantly maintained in order to achieve this goal.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why Chastity Penis Shrinking is practiced long term.

  • You need to be feminized.
    In order to be successfully feminized, you need to make sure your cock becomes as close to a clit as possible. it’s known that chastity training, and long term chastity wear will do greatly to atrophy your cock from lack of conventional usage, and with anal penetration training as a combination with chastity training we will trigger anal centered orgasms and not penile focused one, hence your male parts will grow very similar to a female vagina you wish you had.
  • You are a beta male and you need to shrink your cock as much as possible.
    this is vital so that you will understand that your job is to be as beta as possible and never entertain any hopes of trying to satisfy a woman with penetration, because to be honest. your limp small dick is an insult to women so we are going to shrink that fucker down and make sure getting erections will be impossible.
  • You are a cuckold in a female led relationship.
    So here, you need to stay in chastity and shrink your cock so that all you do is serve your wife and even her bull. It’s even more fun if the BULL holds your key, and not your wife. Oh the humiliation! That alone will shrivel your cock into nothing.
  • You have a compulsive masturbation  problem.
    Which effects your life and the everyday management of your obligation with work and home-life. This issue affects many more men than you think, and even women, especially in pandemic and post pandemic times. The stress relief that you might find with self pleasure is certainly an escape, but if it gets to a level of chronic compulsion, it will be greatly beneficial to get this under control.
  • You have a cock shrinking fetish
    That is what you have always wanted, together with the castration fetish, being locked and shrunk is a very good way to disable your cock from looking and functioning like a real cock, and with chastity penis shrinking training, that success rate is pretty much assured.
  • You love small penis humiliation
    Ohhh I love small penis humiliation too, and TRUST ME I will shrink you to a microscopic size and humiliate you to the next century. You might never recover. And you deserve it.


Methods to Progressive and Gradual Penis Shrinking 


Chastity Penis Shrinking is successful if practiced correctly for a very simple reason. You are basically limited your penis from getting hard, getting any type of sexual use. But that’s just the start.

After we found your the perfect chastity device for you and your needs, we proceed to move forward to a smaller and more confined device, and considering all the pervious training I will put you through, your endurance level would be better in sustaining all that chastity penis shrinking demands.
I suggest you also read A post by Mistress Constance on this subject

That will help you understand that if your goal is to successfully shrink your penis via chastity device training, I, Mistress Alina Sky, will commit to this with you.
Being a Mistress is all that I do, so I take this just as seriously as you.
My hours of availability are extensive, and this is KEY in your success to achieve all of your chastity goals, be it beginner, intermediate, short or long term and penis shrinking.

So let us embark on this Chastity Journey together. Think of it as the penis shrinking Olympics. How small get we get you to be? How long can you endure? So exciting. And with Mistress Alina as your Chastity guide, you won’t even want to get free, ever.

Your Chastity Penis Shrinking Mistress Chastity Penis Shrinking With Mistress Alina Sky 1-800-356-6196 Alina Sky






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