Ebony Femdom White Male Sissy Verbal Humiliation

I’m not here to stroke your ego. I am here to destroy you. White male sissy verbal humiliation from The Ebony Femdom 1-800-601-6975

I am not going to be kind to you, I’m going to rip you apart. That’s what the nature of this audio is. A scathing read that rakes you across the hot coals. Devoid of kindness or nurturing, Ebony Femdom white male sissy verbal humiliation,  is the definition of verbal humiliation and it’s meant to put you in your place and stomp on your ego. It’s what happens to sissies who cross the line and need a reminder that you are not a woman, and you certainly aren’t appealing. A great state of humiliated and degraded mind, to begin your sissy training .  There’s a place for everyone, yes sissy even you, in the hell you created, and this is it.

Stay in Your Lane White Boi – Verbal Humiliation will Assist You

Let’s face facts here, many of you don’t want to hear what’s on this audio, because it is 1. The truth and 2. Will trigger every insecurity you have as a white man, who hides behind lipstick and panties 3. You will find it offensive if you have deluded yourself to thinking you know what its like to be a woman, or consider yourself “one of the girls.”  On the other hand, if you’re a humiliation junkie who likes being called names and told how worthless he is, this will be six minutes of heaven while you cum in your wife’s draws.

verbal humiliation

Verbal Humiliation for Sissies that Cuts Deep

If you can handle it, I’d encourage you to enjoy the wide range of tears and emotions that are sure to give you a new programmed kink. You may very well not be able to cum without being insulted, already.  Similar to my Ebony Femdom Dick Ratings, I do not hold back. If you would like a dick rating, genital rating for all genders, you can buy that at the phone sex assignments store. If you want a custom adult audio from me hit the link and then email me at willow@enchantrixempire.com to discuss what you’re looking for. For ready to buy phone sex audios please visit my erotic audio store. If you’d like to call me, just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Duchess Willow.

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