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I am not only a Full Spectrum Mistress, I am also a Champion Cock Tease as well, and in this blog post we will explore together why The Teasing Game with a Mistress such as myself can enhance YOUR cock game into the next level and it’s not only one of my favorite indulgences, it’s also an incredible way, for you to show your devotion!

The teasing game is not only for submissives though.
It’s a recommended play for EVERY man, especially for all of you who wish to increase your sexual stamina and delay ejaculation for as long as possible (Your wives and girlfriends will thank you lol).

Have you ever wanted to try sensual cock teasing games? Or even extreme cock teasing and edging, (also known as Gooning)?, Well you have come to the right place!

Sensually Sadistic or highly enticing and erotic Cock Teasing and Cock control are one of my specialties, nurtured and practiced over time to perfection,

Now let’s dive in and discuss why The Teasing Game is something you must indulge in on a regular basis!

The Teasing Game With Mistress Alina 1-800-356-6196

The Teasing Game – 
An Ongoing Seduction 

One of the most sensual experience you can ever have is when a woman knows how to use her every female trait as a way of seducing, teasing and controlling your passions to benefit her agenda.

From the beginning of time and sexuality, women have mastered that art, because this was at some point the ONLY tool a women had to gain her way in a world run by men.

Times have changed drastically, and as we strive forward, the art of teasing femdom, cock control and sensual seduction have become somewhat of a lost art, in my opinion.​The Teasing Game With Mistress Alina Sky ​1-800-356-6196

Teasing Game Vs Flirting

Flirting in general implies a future sexual encounter.
I find that I’m much better of a teaser than a flirt-er, because I’m a VERY VERY picky person with regards to my real life sexual partners. Although I am bisexual, I find that I still love to TEASE versus flirt, because I am also very fickle in terms of changing my mind in regards of who actually makes it to my bedroom.

With clients, to be honest, when I tease I find that I am JUST as sexually aroused by this game as they are, because it can be a very long, drawn out, complex,  maddening and Hurt-So-Good sexual chess game, if you will.

It is, at least for me, a Must Have Sexual foreplay and because I am also multi orgasmic, I feel I can be on the phone, tease my clients endlessly, and than, if I meet up with my lover later, our sex will be NUCLEAR and last for hours!


​The Teasing Game With Mistress Alina Sky ​1-800-356-6196

So some of you *may* have had a complex relationship with teasing in the past, or even have a sort of a Love/Hate relationship with anyone that teases you but NEVER intends to ACTUALLY have a sexual encounter with you.

I totally get it !

But this is where the oh so delicious, maddening and alluring sexual frustration can work in your favor.
Just like any Olympic Sport or Stamina sport, that type of endless teasing with the RIGHT Teasing Mistress can lead you to totally control ejaculation time, and thus sexual stamina, because you WILL be able to learn with a Mistress like myself, the art of NOT cumming wayyyy to soon when you are with your lady in real life.

And that, my dear friends, is a HIGHLY prized bedroom skill to have, I assure you!

When I do a teasing session I get VERY creative and VERY detailed and it’s all about keeping you teased for as long as possible. Not only will this be mind blowing for you, and just get better and better over-time, with repeated Teasing-Training, it will create the most EXPLOSIVE orgasms you will ever have.

Type of Teasing Games 

​The Teasing Game With Mistress Alina Sky ​1-800-356-6196

And now let’s take a look at the TYPES of teasing games we can play together, and you don’t have to stay on the phone for hours and hours to get the benefit of playing inside of the tease kink.

  • Real Girlfriend Teasing Game: We role play with me as your real girlfriend, either telling you what I’m wearing or doing to myself whilst on the phone with you, not letting you touch yourself unless I allow it, even teasing you as my cuckold.
  • Chastity Teasing Game : You are locked in chastity and I just drive you nuts and make you as uncomfortable as possible, maybe causing you to have an anal orgasm, pegging and toys can be involved and you can still be teased and edged for as long as we both want.
  • Teasing Game with Humiliation: Well that one is a lot of fun if you are into humiliation play. You will be teased endlessly by me, with all sorts of barbs pushed in, small penis humiliation, infidelity, cuckolding and again, you are only allowed to touch yourself in the EXACT manner dictated by me!
  • Tease and Denial Game: Well that one is a classic. You get teased and I push ALL your buttons, but guess what. No matter how much you suffer, I will  NEVER let you cum
  • Tease and Edging Game: Okay so for that one, you will either have to build up stamina OR have an advanced level of self control. My clients who are part of this game. oh man. We can goon for HOURS on end and it’s just fucking spectacular. I can’t even put this into words. It’s just the fucking BEST.

The Teasing Game is
Fun for Everyone

​The Teasing Game With Mistress Alina Sky ​1-800-356-6196It really IS. And that Includes your Mistress, if she is anything like Me!
I think it takes a VERY intelligent man to play this in a reciprocal manner, because you get SO MUCH MORE out of a teasing session, or any session in general, if you fully participate in it, respond to it, and trust yourself to your Mistress with everything you have!

The Teasing Game can be VERY gratifying long term because it has an accumulated effect. The more you do it, the more sustainable it will become with increasing your sexual stamina and bedroom staying power. Honestly, you can’t lose.

I hope you will find yourself being teased by my soon!


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