Goddess Rachel has new humiliation offerings! 1-800-356-6169Hello there, readers of The Daily Cock! I’ve got three new opportunities for you to be humiliated for Me, all available in Our online store! We cater to the kinks of so many humiliation slaves and sluts, I just know these will tickle a fancy or two!

First, let Me tell you about the audio!

If you’ve got a small penis, and you like to be humiliated for it, you’ve probably fantasized about exposure. I know from sessions that some of you of the tiny wee wee variety have fantasized specifically about going to the doctor. A beautiful, female doctor who officially diagnoses you with a small penis!

Well, in this audio, Her name is Doctor Rachel. And you’re going to find out that you don’t have just any small penis, but a specific variety! If she’s not as professional as you would expect from a medical professional, She’s the best in Her field for the diagnosis and treatment of penis problems.

Click here for a sample of Her expertise!

If you find yourself making a little tent in your pants (a VERY little tent I assume), you can purchase Small Penis Diagnosis by clicking the title link!

Penis Ratings

Maybe you’re not sure whether or not your penis counts as small. Maybe you don’t think it does, but you want a second opinion. You could even realize that you have a good-sized cock, but are curious to know what a woman thinks of it. Or, you could just as easily know you’re sporting a pindick, and you enjoy the humiliation of hearing it over and over.

Whatever your reason for desiring My personal assessment of what’s between your legs, there’s now an official way for you to receive it: via My Penis Ratings!

You may have seen My general penis ratings chart on My blog if you’ve been following it for a while, but this will be an individual rating, designed especially for you, based on the evidence you provide for Me to do so!

You can receive your results in writing, or in the form of a custom audio if the sound of My voice delivering the good, or bad, or brutal news, is what you crave!

Two-Mistress Ignore Calls!

Goddess Rachel has new humiliation offerings! 1-800-356-6169

Choose Miss Harper, Mistress Erika, Mistress Claire, Mistress Ryan, or more than one!

Ignore calls are a superlative form of humiliation! Ever had one? I’d like to introduce more of you into a way to truly acknowledge your place! You’d understand that well, I think, if two (or more) beautiful women knew many of your secrets, and discussed them together in your presence. Especially if you weren’t allowed to defend yourself!

I’ve created a listing for you to arrange to have Myself and one (or more) of My Mistress friends do exactly that!

How it works:

  • Go to the page in Our store where My Two (or more) Mistress Ignore Calls are offered (or click the pic).
  • Choose the Mistress you’d like to have join Me, and make your purchase.
  • Fill out your questionnaire and return it to Me.

It’s that simple!

The questionnaire designed to suss out everything We need to know to have a good chat (and probably a good laugh) at your expense. All while the only sound from you is perhaps moans of humiliation and the squish of your hand running up and down your cock.

Sound intriguing? We can’t wait to enjoy your predicament!

I’ve been busy!

There’s no rest for the wicked, especially not for a wicked humiliatrix like Me! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Humiliation is one of My favorite Femdom kinks, and I love to make content for those of you who feel the same!

If you do happen to avail yourself of any of these, one of the best ways you can help Me continue to improve in the provision of these types of offerings is to leave a review. You can leave one on the store page itself once you’re a verified purchaser, you can contact Me privately via E-mail at Rachel@enchantrixempire.com, or contact Me any other way you are used to seeing Me!






Goddess Rachel, Humiliatrix Extraordinaire!





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