Be My Ultimate Submissive

By Mistress Alina Sky

Hello Subbies, Pets, Slaves, Devotees and wanna be pets!Today you will learn how to Be My Ultimate Submissive!

I am Mistress Alina Sky. If you haven’t met me before, I am Young, Hot, Real Lifestyle Mistress and Kinkster Extraordinaire, here to present you with the Utlimate Submissive Guide as to how to become MY perfect Submissive!

You will not believe how EASY it is to slip into a lifestyle of worshiping a real hot, experienced and kinky Mistress that really LOVES owning you in every way. Your life will take on a whole new purpose! (Which, let’s face it, a lot of you desperately need).

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Be My Ultimate Submissive





I’ve been in the Mistress Biz since I was eighteen years old. My client lists include men, women, new and experienced submissives, that are all super important to me.
So I know the point of view of my submissives, no matter their level.

I know that Serving a sexy, young and kinky Dominant Mistress like myself, can be a very fulfilling lifestyle. I invest a lot in my clients, and work on being there for them very long term.

I’ve learned that sometimes they may be looking for someone to fix them, and make them feel complete. Give them balance and purpose. And I certainly am capable of that. I will give you that purpose and structure that you need in life, and on any level that you seek it as your Mistress. 

When you translate this to real life, the truth is that being a sub in a BDSM relationship can be quite overwhelming, as it is a lot of work: There are many demands on a submissive. physically, mentally, and sexually.

My main purpose is to teach and work with submissives long term so  they successfully meet the challenge, in serving me and in serving their real world partner, if they so choose to move their BDSM lifestyle into a 24/7 commitment.

So let’s dive in and let me teach you the basics of what it is to be an optimal submissive to a Mistress like me and in your every day life if you so choose. And be the best you can be in a fully functioning D/s relationship.

Be My Ultimate Submissive
First, What A Submissive S
hould NOT be: 

I’m starting with what a submissive isn’t and should never become, since it’s honestly of the utmost importance to me, a True Lifestyle and LDW Dominatrix. And honestly, no matter how hardcore of a sub you are, there will ALWAYS be a need for clear rules, limits, boundaries and understanding. So here goes.

  • My submissives are NOT my doormat, nor do I EVER use them as my personal ATM machine.
  • A submissive should never be forced to serve. A REAL dom like  myself would only want a submissive who adores and truly desires to  to be mine and my truly owned.
  • Being a sub, is NOT an immediate consent to be mistreated used and abused.
  • BDSM always. always. always. has limits and safe words which are SACRED
  • If you are a sub in a D/s relationship, PLEASE be mindful of whom you give your submission to: as submission needs to be EARNED first.
  • A true Dom will build a trust, pay close attention to YOUR needs and feelings, boundaries and interests as a submissive, and will never abuse you or force you to do anything you do not wish to do.

What is A submissive, Their Goals and Perrogatives 

Be My Ultimate Submissive

The actual definition of a submissive is as follows:
A submissive is a person (of any gender/sexual orientation) who is consensually obedient by nature, utterly compliant to their partner in every way.
A sumbissive loves to give up control to their Dominant. craved being used (in many different way, which is specific to each sub)

A submissive will take on many different roles or a combination of roles, Here are a few examples:

  • Pet
  • Property
  • Slave
  • Household Service
  • Submissive Spouse
  • Masochist

As a submissive, you must strive and work towards pleasing your Dominant in ALL things and Every way. It will usually mean that a submissive will consent to give up some personal preferences, freedoms and certain habits.

It is fairly common for a submissive to possess a quiet, almost shy personality, especially when they are in the presence of their Master, Mistress or Dominant Owner.
Submissives must be obedient to their Dom, and accept discipline when needed or when they are out of line.

As my submissive, you must always conduct yourself within the manner I have set forth and you’ve agreed to. You must be respectful, obedient and ready to serve at all times, because your behavior  and conduct as my submissive is a direct reflection on me as your Mistress and Owner.

Be My Ultimate Submissive:
Challenges You Might Face As A Submissive

As a Lifestyle Dominatrix, I encourage my submissives to be as communicative as possible, and bring forth their issues or concerns should those arise, at any time.

All submissives face challenges from time to time, it’s not easy to serve your Master or Mistress when you are not in the mood, tired, or have other pressing matters like career, financial worries, and other hurdles life throws your way.

So I am not a Mistress that demands her submissives serve her all the time, nor do I book high session density, because I always tell my submissives time and time again:
Do not commit to a serving schedule you cannot keep up with. Be realistic and mindful of YOUR financial and emotional well being first, and stay with a schedule and time frames that truly work for you, don’t make grandiose promises of constant servitude you will never be able to keep.

I don’t need all of that. I will work with your session schedule and requests, as many or as few that you need to reach your submissive goals and maintenance of your submissive lifestyle.

Can A sub Lose Themselves To Their Dom?

I truly believe that any submissive can be independent, confidant, capable and accomplished individual, with their own full home and career life. In fact, most of my submissives (I work with men, women and couples) are EXACTLY that.

I truly believe the submissives are absolutely NOT weak at all, quite the opposite.
They are CHOOSING to be part of the BDSM lifestyle, as submissives of all kinds.:
I truly see their submission to me, or to any masters of their choosing as a treasure they gift me. And what’s more, I know that being totally subservient to someone can be extremely intimidating at first, so I always advise my submissives to start small, know your limits and communicate them clearly. Never be afraid to have well defined boundaries. and you will grow as a submissive step by step.

Please always remember, when you choose to obey, it can be highly satisfying and so empowering. You will chose to obey and serve me as your mistress at all times will be very rewarding to us both.

Enhance Your Submissive Capabilities 

It is very important to remember that a submissive must always keep in mind that their main purpose is servitude and worship, they must ALWAYS strive to make their Dom’s life easier NOT harder or more challenging.

Even if you are technically a submissive “brat”  your goal should always be to make your Dom’s life a lot more interesting, fun and challenging ONLY in a good way, not in a draining annoying way.

The Best submissives make sure that they anticipate and proactively work towards predicting what their Dominant needs and wants are at any stage or time frame in the relationship. and fulfill all those needs happily and enthusiastically. and fulfill it enthusiastically.

Many of my personal submissives love wearing my ownership collar.
You should know that even a discreet collar worn in public, truly helps keeping you int he submissive slave or owned pet mindset.
You are My Property, you are owned by me, and thus you are a full representation of my as Your Mistress, so you should always, as my submissive, take great pride in keeping yourself fit and able to serve at the best of your ability and top of your game.

Make sure that you take great care of your body and mind, so that your servitude is always of high value and level.
Please remember to always

  • Getting sufficient sleep – I need you rested!
  • Exercising regularly – or be as active as you can
  • Eating a healthy diet – your good health starts here!
  • Dressing properly – or wearing certain garments I wish for you to wear for me
  • Having good hygiene and grooming – Very Important !


Be My Ultimate Submissive:
Get Your submissive checklist

If you wish, when you make a call with me and mention this blog post, I will either read you or email you the Submissive Check list and Cheat Sheet so you can have those guidelines close at hand.

I always strive to be the best Dominant I can be, and I love helping submissives achieve the best level of submission, servitude and being owned by a Dominant of their dreams. The BDSM lifestyle is my own personal lifestyle 24/7, on the phone and in real life. I hope you can join me, either by offering your devotion and lifetime servitude or occasional sessions, I love all those options.



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