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Aside from sit down and shut up. I would tell you that I am kidding, however there are times when I am tempted to tell my naughty subs to shut the fuck up and eat my ass from the back. This is a wonderful way to practice the fine art of shutting the fuck up: Schedule An Ebony Femdom Ignore Line Session with the Duchess. Let me elaborate on all the things you can do during an ignore line session – and how to have great phone sex, while sparing my ears.

Things You can do During an Ignore Line Session

Being in my presence is a gift within itself. Which is why it’s important that you humble yourself, and refrain from thinking that anything you have to say is important. Most of the male species thinks anyone cares what they have to say or what their opinion is on anything that has no bearing on them. Therefore the very first thing you can do while being ignored, is practice your handwriting. Yes that’s right, mantras and affirmations of your place in the world as the help and nothing more.  The sound you make when your lips are flapping is a very annoying sound to most women, and the best way to show your intelligence, is by being silent and following directions. Your writing lessons can range from the simple to the extreme humiliation. Ignore phone sex is a wonderful way to improve your handwriting, can’t you see?

Self Flagellation While on an Ignore Line Session

While I don’t need to hear you talk, the sounds of your self inflicted pain are often quite pleasing to Mistress while she’s busy with more important things. Exercises in pain tolerance while being ignored, can include whipping yourself while counting silently.  If you need extra encouragement during self flagellation, getting on skype or discord and turning your camera on so that Mistress can glance over – if she chooses to acknowledge your presence – and seeing the delightful red marks across your skin. Extra points if you can embed those marks to last for a week or longer.

Extreme Pain Play On An Ignore Line Session

Are you an addicted pain junkie?  Then I would suggest an ignore line session geared towards your discomfort. Anything that you find painful, uncomfortable, humiliating, and mentally excruciating, can be used as part of your ignore time. Such as a silent CBT limp penis instruction call. I’m not going to give you free ideas, but I will tell you that there are literally millions of ways to cause yourself pain, and so many sensitive areas of the body with plenty of nerve endings to trigger.

Self Bondage and Chastity Games

Self bondage might be tricky, but it’s not impossible. For this you may want to make sure you are in a safe, quiet space, where you won’t be interrupted. Part of the humility of tying yourself up while being ignored, is that someone could walk in on you if you’re not careful, and you won’t be in a position to quickly dash away and cover yourself, if your naked tied to a bondage rig when your wife and the neighbors walk in. You’ll either be getting a divorce or having a painful discussion with a marriage counselor after that.

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Coerced Orgasms During an Ignore Call

Just pop the ball gag in, refer to the above self bondage instructions. Tie on a lovely high speed hitachi wand and flip the switch. Just know that while I’m pretending you don’t exist, I’ll be laughing my ass off.  Imagine cumming really hard while bound, gagged and helpless, and not being able to turn the damn thing off. So you twitch and squirm helplessly until you either have another “encouraged” excruciating orgasm, or faint.

Cum Facials During and Ignore Line Session

A particularly entertaining ignore line session I had recently, was a two mistress ignore phone sex session with Mistress Harper and a rather pathetic, lil dick boi. We chatted amongst ourselves while the dumb whore edged and then came all over his own face – which he’d drawn a red target around his mouth and written loser on his forehead and chest.  For someone with such a small dick, he legit painted his face and we legit laughed. Not only that but we clowned him for his choice of jerkoff basement furniture. How do you have a casting couch and no dick? You could also practice cum eating while being ignored.

Ebony Femdom Ignore Line Sessions with The Duchess

So I lied I am going to give you a free assignment and an idea for a session.  Practice gagging yourself with a pair of your used underwear, and then kneel in the corner of your bedroom for 30 minutes with your hands behind your back. DASSIT. Practice being fucking quiet.  If you decide you’re ready for an ignore line session with me, call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Duchess Willow aka That Pretentious Black Mistress who doesn’t care about your feelings.  Don’t forget to buy my new CBT Limp Penis Instruction phone sex audio. Stay safe and stay blessed.

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