We have all been good girls and boys all year long, and finally it’s time to get naughty! LDW & its most naughty Mistresses have collaborated to bring you the dirtiest, filthiest and most naughty XXXmas Season ever! It’s not your stockings we will be stuffing with coal *wink, wink*. Check out the Naughtiest Days of XXXmas below. Wherever you see a Naughty Mistress, know that she has provided a special XXXmas treat for you. Also, keep in mind, the STUFF YOUR OWN STOCKING promotions are COMPANY WIDE and can be used with any LDW Mistress.

Be sure to check out a Naughty Message from Mistress Becky to you…..

Ms Becky 1-800-601-6975 naughtiest days of xxxmas


December 1st: Mistress Harper’s Naughty FREE Audio Deal

December 2nd: Double Perks Points Day 

December 3rd: Mistress Delia’s is Offering a FREE Audio Store Gift

December 4th: Calls & Balls

December 5th: Mistress Brighton’s Audio Store Gift 

December 6th: STUFF YOUR OWN STOCKING  Two for Tuesday, BOGO deals for Mistresses (for the 1st 10 minutes)

December 7th: Mistress Mandy’s Chance to Win One 23 minute Call in January 

December 8th: Mistress Audrey Free 10 Minute Skype Session with a 20+ Minute Purchased Session

December 9th: Mistress Willow is Offering 5 FREE minutes or One 10 Minutes or Under Erotic Audio 

December 10th: Mistress Lacey is offering 10 FREE Minutes of Sexy Texting with a Purchase of 20+ minutes 

December 11th: Calls & Balls

December 12th: Mistress Erika is Offering a Free Audio or Stroking Instructions for Every Call

December 13th: Mistress Becky Wants to Share Her Orgasm with You- FREE Audio with 28+ mins purchase

December 14th: STUFF YOUR OWN STOCKING $25 OFF Calls 60+ Minutes 

December 15th: Mistress Claire is Offering a FREE Audio (valued $20-$25) of YOUR CHOICE

December 16th: Mistress Rachel is Offering a FREE Audio of YOUR CHOICE (*See exceptions)

December 17th: Mistress Olivia is Offering FREE Porn (ask her for details)

December 18th: Calls & Balls

December 19th: Mistress Riley is Offering a FREE Audio for callers 20+ mins (PLUS MORE!!!)

December 20th: Mistress Andi is Offering FREE 10 Minute Texting Session for Purchased Sessions 20+ Mins

December 21st: Mistress Bethany is Offering FREE 10 Minute Skype Session for Purchased Sessions 20+ Mins Or FREE Audio

December 22nd: STUFF YOUR OWN STOCKING 15-minute calls only $30

December 23rd: Mistress Alina is offering 1 FREE 5 Min Custom Audio with Purchased Session 15+ Mins

December 24th: Christmas Eve 

December 25th: Calls & Balls (Oh yeah, and also Christmas) 


We thank you for being our loyal callers all year round and are happy to have other naughty folk to spend the naughtiest season of the year with! So, to all of our Ho Ho Ho’s, we wish the very best holiday season & XXXmas this year!

For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
Must be 18+
Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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