Gender Neutral Domination
By Mistress Alina Sky

Hello Luvs! The Divine Empress Alina Sky Here, with another blog post to make your day (I hope).

Gender Neutral Domination is a very rare and precise practice that I’ve started perfecting a few years ago. It’s the Micro Surgery Of Domination, if you will because being a Full Spectrum Dominatrix has afforded me such a wide and fascinating variety of clients, I’ve realized that there  is an almost invisible niche that is rarely detected or addressed, since many a time a submissive themselves may not know that it’s what they are and what they need.

So let me shed some light on what is exactly Gender Neutral Domination session, why you may be seeking such a distinction in your Submission needs and never had the chance to fully explore this.

Gender Neutral Domination by Alina Sky


Gender Neutral Domination


Know Your Submissive As You Know Thyself

Gender Neutral Domination By Alina Sky

What Is Gender Neutral Domination? Let’s Take A Look!
I’ve spoken about it often with my clients, that you can’t truly understand a submissive point of view, unless you truly know yourself and have experienced being a submissive for someone else.

Although not my true nature to be submissive with any of my clients, I have started my own BDSM journey as a submissive to a much older woman, (feel free to call me and ask all the details and YES it’s even HOTTER than you can ever imagine).

By Submitting to Her, My understanding of self became an acute voyage of erotica, discovery and self awareness.
I was very very lucky to have had her as my first introduction to BDSM and D/s relationship because it made me realize that I could become the most excellent Dominatrix down the line, and that is where my own personal passion would blossom and flourish.

It’s also when I started to realize how complex my OWN sexuality was, and only within the BDSM universe would I be able to TRULY explore it and face all of my sexual needs, without shame or judgement.

It’s been said and for the most part it can be true, that an Alpha Woman and especially Mistresses and any pro Dominatrix is not an easy woman to control much less Dominate, especially if you are in a client category or even a life partner. It’s just not in our nature to let go, and Female Superiority is an actual thing.

Just like in Nature, Females are the one tasks with feeding and caring for the young, hence they are the most skilled not only in survival, but in Apex Predatory and Hunting capabilities.
Most of these women will also have a tendency to have an underlying contempt for men, find men inferior in many ways and know that it’s the Females of the Species who truly always hold the power, whether seen or unseen, it’s a hard to refute absolute.

But this really a hornet nest of contradiction. When a woman is a Dominatrix, she might herself adopt masculine traits and behaviors, since many male submissives wish to take on feminine traits, so essentially they are perpetuating a reversed aggression towards a female persona. Quite the mind fuck, isn’t it.

This is why Gender Neutral Domination is difficult for many to identify and practice. Many kinks have a male or female distinctively roles and attributes, for example – a Male sub will cross dress and wish to be addressed as female, wished to be penetrated, or made to perform sexual acts on another male whilst in his female persona.

And even if that is the majority of femdom centered sessions, there is a very distinct sub category that does not fit into either male or female interchange, becaue it is MUCH more complex and nuanced than that.

Gender Neutral Domination By Alina Sky

 Kink & Sexual Attraction
Are Not One And The same

As a matter of fact, I’ve seen many instances where they totally contradict one another. The simplest example of such is when a male client wishes to be sissified, dress up, and be feminized, even emasculated, that does  NOT mean that they want to be subservient to Alpha Men or even be with someone who is categorized as a Dominant Master.

That percentage of clients may have interests in being penetrated, have strap on sessions and even worship cock or a phallus  but this is where Gender Neutrality comes into play. They do NOT wish that phallus be attached to ANYTHING masculine at all, not even a beautiful Transgender woman.

This particular client may not even view themselves as gay or bisexual, they need and want to be with women and around women, most often as their submissive who is there to serve as a feminine pet persona.
They are mostly attracted to women, but not in a regular sexual way, but as a servitude and submission, knowing that maybe they do not possess the skill nor the equipment to satisfy such a Dominant Goddess Sexually.

One of the key Issues to remember is that Gender Identity is utterly SEPARATE from sexual and/or Romantic orientation.

Gender Neutral Domination By Alina Sky

Gender Neutral Domination
Sexual Classification Is Complex

In recent years there has been an enormous shift in recognizing that the gender your are born as, may not be the gender you identify as.

That is to say that your Gender Identity Or Gender EXPRESSION is different from the sex you were given at birth.
So when such a client comes to me as a submissive, the session will be based upon his needs as his Gender Expression is defined, and how they see themselves as a submissive with that direction in mind.

As a pan sexual and omini sexual myself, I find that I am attracted to many genders and it’s really about the person themselves for me. And some of my clients are the same and that makes choosing me as their Dominatrix a lot easier as I understand that type of expended sexuality and how to answer their submissive needs on many levels.

In addition, many of my clients are Gender Fluid or even Non Binary.
When a Submissive is Non Binary their gender identity is not solely male or female.
Non Binary Submissive clients may identify as either intermediate or separate Third Gender, Identify with more than one gender, or even have fluctuation gender Identity.
I LOVE creating domination sessions for Non-Binary clients, because their spectrum is amazing and the options are literally endless.

Many of my non-binary clients have various and complex sexual orientations. They don’t necessarily even consider themselves transgender, so it’s always makes for an amazingly interesting Domination Experience.

So if you find yourself struggling to hit that specific nuance and tone in your submissive journey, and if you sense that you need to dive deeper and be TRULY understood, I’m here for you!

Chat soon xox

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