Hello There, Guys and Gurls, I am Mistress Kennedy. and I have been with LDW for a little over two weeks and have loved every single cock and Clitty tormenting and teasing minute of it. I have even been lucky enough to learn a few new things and experience my first Giantess Fetish call.  I simply adore the idea of dangling some poor, tiny snack-sized man over my mouth while teasing him with my tongue. lol, such a powerful feeling and super kinky.  And I love the sensual and strict dominance that I have been able to provide to so many of you in this short time.

Mistress Kennedy on Sissy and Cuckolding kinks

I have always been into sissy play and cuckolding. As a matter of fact, I love Cuckolding so much that I have cuckolded the last 3 men I have dated and will not date a man that is unwilling to understand my need for Good and Great variety of cock! I love humiliation. Watching my Subbie turn pink always makes me hot. I also get My submissives on their knees where they belong whenever they are in my presence. So many of you have sent emails asking so let me fill you in,  My preferences for attire when in session lean towards leather and boned corsets; I also enjoy the look of a well-laced and boned corset on My submissives (Just imagine a big leather hug) mmmmmm. But as a lover of All things sissy, you may find yourself in cheerleading uniforms, Bedazzled panties or even wrapped up in a giant Hot pink bow.

Pro Domme Experience

I have a fair amount of experience in the Pro Domina sphere and actually currently live the lifestyle in my day-to-day life. I enjoy my houseboy’s and sissy maids and a good entertaining pain slut always makes me smile.  I am very demanding with my personal slaves and expect to be pampered and pleased 24/7. Bubble baths, Foot massages, and body worship are always among my favorite ways of being honored and pleased.  Yes!  I am a very demanding girl.

I enjoy Incorporating roleplay and body worship into my sessions as well as strict Discipline, CBT, Edge play and tease and Denial. I think of these activities as fun and a way to constructively learn more about My submissives as I push their limits.

I am very passionate about the BDSM scene and my lifestyle. I love the idea of sharing my dominance and creative take on sessions alike, with all of the wonderful slaves, sluts, Sissies and kinksters on the phone and online through LDW.I hope to be able to teach My subs the ropes of submission and share my knowledge with any beginner subbies.

Mistress Kennedy loves to connect

I feel that I have a special way of talking and connecting with my subjects. I understand the importance of building up trust with my subs and getting them to trust me enough to submit to me as Their Domina. I have always been a natural leader and just a little bit on the bossy side and both of these qualities will help set the success for our Domina-sub relationship.
I feel that I am a unique Domina and love to dominate, Teach, and yes even torment and control so Be sure to book an appointment with me if you’d like to experience the power of my Dominance.

I am available Daily from 9 Am EST  and will consider evening appointments Email to request one.

For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
Must be 18+
Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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