Are you ready to explore your kink this month? Hello Friends, Fans, and Fantastic Pets! It’s that time of year again! My Anniversary, or Sexaversary of when I joined LDW/Enchanntrix! That means I’m eager to celebrate with you and make the most of this month! So in addition to our sexy company offers, I’m offering my own treats to help you celebrate with Me! For my pets, we can continue on with our kinky journey with a few added treats! If you’ve never connected with me, read on and find out how easy it is to explore your kink and have some kinky fun with me in December!

Free Phone Sex Minutes

>When you session with me in the month of December and purchase and complete a 15-minute session, or longer, I will add five Free on me at that time!
>When you session with me and purchase a 60-minute session I will add ten free!
>In Addition to those “on-the-spot gifts” the person who books the most minutes with me in all of December gets their choice of a 15-minute sexy texting session or 3 free email exchanges to be used in January 2024 WITH ME!

On January 1st I’ll check my numbers and reach out to the person who won! If I don’t have your email, or we are not connected via Twitter, PinXsters, skype, or Enchantrix Empire I’ll let dispatch know of the winner and you can check with them next time you call.


Very Important: All you have to do is tell the dispatcher you are calling in to help me celebrate my anniversary, or taking me up on my anniversary offer! They will do the rest. If we are connecting via texting, you need to tell me “I want to help you celebrate your anniversary” so I know how to proceed. No Notice? No Free minutes. it’s good to obey and follow directions, isn’t it?

*My offer cannot be combined with any other company’s offer

More Kinky Fun Around The Empire

Mistress Andi is organizing a fun holiday advent calendar filled with sexy Enchantrix Mistress Teases! I have a holiday message and some fun for you on December 2nd and December 12th. But it’s just not me, many Enchantrix Mistresses are participating! Make sure you check back daily at Phone Sex Princess Blog

There are some company offers in addition to (But not combined with)  my sexy treats. You have plenty of choices to have more fun, in December.

30-minute sessions $89.70  Now: $80.00
60- minute sessions $165.00 $145.00
Wake and Wank Promo: From 3 am-9 am all ten-minute calls are $20.00
Mistress Trivia is December 14th in our community kink chat room. Not sure what Mistress Trivia is? Check out The Daily Cock Post, to learn more
Double Perks Day is December 23, 2023

Explore Your Kink

Just take a look around my blog Intelligent Phone Fantasy and see anything kinky and sexy.  We need to chat!  Seriously, from JOI, tease and denial, Feminization, CBT, cock control training, cock sucking training, roleplay,  fantasy session, (Deep intake of air), and more! I’m so ready to make the season festive and bright!

We can session through your typical phone call, sexy texting via Skype, or our Sexy Texting chat room. Do you have a burning desire for CFNM? Turn on your cam on Skype and make all those naughty nude dreams come true! Are you “across the pond”, and phone calls are expensive, but not ready to wiggle on cam? I have a great solution, voice-over Skype! Keep your cam off and save on those phone charges! I also want to invite you to check out my new profile on UKPhoneSex!

Ending A Year And Celebrating Sexiness!

it’s been a wild ride since joining the fantastic lineup of smart, funny, and intelligent women. The vast amount of people I’ve been able to touch and touch me has been the blessing of a lifetime!  I guess you can say I’m like a Gooner in the throws of drooling ecstasy I never want to stop!

Come, celebrate with me in December, and let’s ring out an old year, celebrate our connection, and brace ourselves for 2024! I can’t wait to play, and celebrate OUR Sexiness together! If you are new to me,  I can’t wait to meet you for the first time!

Still, investigating? I get that.  Check out my Mistress Reviews to see how others enjoyed their time with me! But brace yourself, their kink may not align with yours, or how “WE” will play but what is undeniable is how much they enjoyed their time with me!

Until We Chat 💋

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Your Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress

For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
Must be 18+
Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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