December is an excellent month for so many reasons, but the ones most germane to myself right now are Harper’s birthday and anniversary with the Empire! It’s the season of giving gifts, but what I have in mind is not a gift for me, but instead, gifts for YOU! I’m sure you already know about the company wide discounts and gifts available to you All Month Long, but I decided to sweeten the pot for you, in celebration of ME. After all, isn’t this the best time to celebrate the fact that you get to know who I am, and you can even call me up any time you want and talk to me? (I know, almost any time you want. I’ve got to sleep some time!)


Mistress Harper’s Birthday and Anniversary


Mistress Harper's Birthday And Anniversary MonthI’m basically a hobbit at heart, so I love birthdays! I really love spreading the joy around, in an orgasmic explosion of presents for everyone. So this year, enjoy all sorts of presents from me! Let’s start with the free stuff just for you: all sexy-texting sessions get five minutes free added on top. I’ll just extend your texting session with me by five minutes, because I’m amazing and awesome and generous. You’re welcome! Only texting, I don’t want to make the dispatchers spank me by adding minutes on paid calls, but if you just really need my voice, I suppose an exception could be made if you use Skype to talk to me. I know my voice is addictive.


Speaking of My Voice


Since my voice is addictive and mesmerizing and you can’t get enough, I’ve arranged for all my Erotic Audios (and Assignments, too!) to be HALF OFF in December. Even the newest audios! Simp Pays Extra is discounted (almost defeats the purpose of the audio, but the irony also amuses me), and the newest in the store, Cum In Chastity, is also half price. You better go wild in the store and buy one of each!


Like Things A Little More Custom?


I’m introducing a Fan Club for my Custom Erotic Audio Clients. Spend $250 on your very own custom bespoke audio porn with me (and only with me!) and you’ll get a free five minute custom audio as a gift. That’s a $60 value, by the way. And every time you cross that $250 threshold, you get another free five minute audio. Custom porn made just for you, with your desires and fetishes in mind, your particular phrases and keywords, and even with your NAME in the audio! If you haven’t experienced the intense rush of customized porn, you should! Remember that five minute audios, with a script written by Yours Truly, are just $60. Indulge yourself. You love me on a call? You’ll love having something extra special to listen to again and again as you touch yourself for me.


Happy Winter Holidays!


This is the time of year when things get dark outside way too early, and for the Northern Hemisphere, everything is just cold and grey. My European Ancestors fought back the winter doldrums with parties and festivities, Solstice and Saturnalia and Festivus, the Mari Lwyd knocking at the door and needing to be dealt with. Evergreen boughs to sweeten the shut-in air, candles gleaming into the dim gloom, and everywhere the people you care about, who care about you, gathered together to make merry. And, because it’s me, I like to picture you with headphones in, relaxed and at peace, listening to my voice tell you a wonderful story about how I want to take you apart, make you cum like a bitch in heat at least twice, and then put you to bed to wait for the dawn.


Come Celebrate My Birthday AND Anniversary This Month!


Your Favorite Mistress, Harper

XOXO, Harper

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