Hello cock control fans, Erika Addicts, and everyone at Enchantrix Empire who voted for me! Your votes have propelled me to  Mistress Of The Month! Thank you, Thank you! I appreciate all of the support, you give me all those warm and fuzzy feel-good tingles! Truth is: I love engaging with you out of session (within reason). Since Enchantrix Empire is our private social network I spend time most days posting commenting, teasing, and even being helpful at times!

One reason I love it so much is that it is OURS! No mega-conglomerate with a sea of random folks out to spread hate and spew their vitriol! We don’t tolerate behavior like that! Come prepared to learn, have fun, and celebrate your journey along with us! Now, it’s true I talk for a living and we know I can talk, so before I get too long-winded just peek into the fun you can have with me in March and every month!

Mistress Of The Month Bonus Minutes- For You!

What does it mean to you, that I’m Mistress of the Month? It means that LDW/Enchantrix is going to add five free minutes to YOUR paid session automatically! Purchase 15, get 20! But you are not limited to 10-20 or even 30 minutes just remember whatever your purchase, we will add five free! All you must do is complete at least ten paid minutes to activate your five free! If that’s not enough to get that dick tingling and those fingers “a tappin” on your phone, tuck that cock, cross your legs, and read on!

I Am Adding More Sexy

For every session of 30 minutes or more, all you have to do is ask and I’ll send you off with a task, and one FREE email exchange to report back! I’m also going to be hosting an informal hour-long chat Friday, March 15th, in our Community Kink chat room at 7pm.

Sessions and Style

In general, I am an easygoing, friendly, and sensual woman. I like for you to be inspired to serve me, instead of berating you into service. But don’t let my easy-going nature fool you. Some of my most memorable sessions are when I let my inner sadist out. I have no qualms putting you in your place, and enjoying your body and your service to me in the most sadistic of ways. Some of my sensual tease pets are astonished at my skill with harsh kinks like humiliation and pain play. I am dynamic and talented and this month should not go by without you getting a taste of Mistress Erika. Find out what all the Erika Addicts know: How sublime it is to play with me!

I offer traditional phone sessions, and texting sessions via Skype, or in our sexy texting chat room! For more information on how to arrange your session, visit my Sexy Schedule On my blog, and while you are there hang out for a bit and spend some time with me,  on my blog. There’s so much to see and do!

Kinky Play

Phone sex, 18+ adults only cock control feminization cuckolding 1-800-601-6975

Phone sex, 18+ adults only cock control feminization cuckolding 1-800-601-6975

From Distance Domination, fantasy, and role play there are a multitude of options for us! Here are just a few.

Cock Control– of all forms,  masturbation management, edging /extreme edging, ruined orgasms, prostate orgasms, goonig, chastity, and more are included when you hand over control of that cock to me.
Fantasy/roleplay– erotic sessions where you bring your ideas and I bring them to life. I use fantasy and roleplay sessions as teaching aids as well, practicing those behaviors in a safe place!
Cuckolding– many cuckolding calls involve fantasy play but just as many involve cuckold support. Being a cuckold is challenging and I’m here to help!
SPH– Small penis humiliation, from gentle teasing to putting you in panties that dick just doesn’t measure up, but it’s Soo cute I’ll let you entertain me!
Humiliation– including humiliating tasks, and a real-time assessment of your masculinity. As I mentioned above, I do not shy away from letting the sadistic “FU penis creature”, bitch out to play!
Feminization and Sissy Play: From simple adoration of lingerie to sissy and transwomen support Feminization is fun and you need someone on your side to encourage, train and celebrate you!
Strap-on play: want to explore the pleasures of your prostate? From fun and sensual to demanding and penetrative, bendova here I come!
Giantess -From becoming a 50-foot woman to shrinking you down to the perfect size, the Giantess fantasy has so many fun options!
Unusual- Tickling, ballooning, splooshing, I find many fetishes that are unusual fun, and intriguing! Bring your unusual fetish to the table!
Foot Fetish – I have a lovely pair of pedal pushers and my foot aficionado fans love to play and share their passion for feet!
Body Worship – guys are almost always admonished if not worse for their love of worshipping the feminine form. In our sessions, it’s encouraged to worship every inch!
Bi-curious– from coerced bi to exploring your attraction to cocks, let’s talk about one of my FAVORITE Subjects: COCK!
*deep breath* last but not least
BFT– Best Friend therapy, having kinky desires also comes with a lot of emotional baggage, you just can’t mention some of these things in the locker room, or over a casual dinner, that’s why I am here!
Experienced and knowledgeable, your secrets are safe with me!

There is a lot here, I hope you are not overwhelmed! Take a deep breath and hop on over to my blog at Intelligent Phone Fantasy for more on YOUR Mistress Of The Month! Oh before you go, one more thing! Check out the hottest podcast at your fingertips: The Weekly Hot Spot, Mistress Olivia and I have a lot of fun discussing kinks, relationships BDsm advice, and MORE!


Until We Chat
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For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
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Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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