Greetings, readers of the Daily Cock! I’m so flattered and excited! The members of Enchantrix Empire cast their votes, and decided that your Goddess Rachel is April’s Mistress of the Month!

Thank you, Members!

For the uninitiated, is LDW’s sexy social site. It’s 100% free, and great way to interact in kinky community. Lots of LDW Mistresses and fellow kinksters interact in a relaxed, fun manner!

Plus, you can vote for your favorite Mistress to receive the same honor I have!

Now then, many of you know Me well, either from sexy session play, My personal blog, My erotic audios, or perhaps all three! But I thought I would write a little getting-to-know-you post for those of you I haven’t met yet!

Heck, maybe those of you I do know will learn something new!

In any case, whether W/e’ve been, ahem, “introduced” or not, I hope you’ll come and avail yourself of some Femdom fun with Me sometime during April. There’s more in it for you than just the opportunity to put your fantasies at the mercy of My dirty mind.

You also get five free minutes added to your session of ten minutes or longer!

And if you and I click, W/e’ll both be grateful for that extra 5 minutes. Time flies when you’re having fun. And I’ll do everything I can to see to it that you do!

So, what should you know about Goddess Rachel that might help you determine if I’m the right Mistress for you?

Let’s talk about it!


A Brief Goddess Rachel FAQ


Come play with Goddess Rachel in April and get 5 free minutes added to your call! 1-800-356-6169You can go to any of My bios on most of the kink-specific sites We host to get My particular take on that kink. Those are worth visiting.

But consider this post a little cheat sheet. Here are two of the frequently asked questions potential playmates pose when considering whether or not they’d like to venture into My virtual lair:


How would you describe your style?


I’m not a good choice for GFE sessions, but I’m friendly and relaxed.

At least at first. 😈

I really like to be able to tune in to what you seek before I . . . pounce.

Current playmates have made Me blush (yes, a perv like Me can still blush) with many positive reviews, and I’m proud to say I’ve heard more than once that I’ve got great instincts. So “tuning in” at the start of O/ur session likely won’t take long.

Picture the welcoming and disarming conversation you might have with a beautiful vampire: attentive and genuinely interested, but at the same time, acutely aware of the throbbing vein in your neck. 😉

Safe, sane, and consensual is My personal kink mantra. I encourage the use of safe words, especially if W/e get into hard core play. I will respect and won’t push your boundaries unless you want Me to.

In short, I can be everything from sensually controlling, to the meanest bitch you’ll ever lay ears on, and everything in between.

It all depends on what makes you tingle and throb.


What are your favorite kinks to facilitate?


I think I’m at My best with the following (in no particular order):Come play with Goddess Rachel in April and get 5 free minutes added to your call! 1-800-356-6169

  • Coerced/Seduced Bi/Bi-Curious fantasies and confessions
  • Anal play/Prostate Masturbation/Strap-on Training and fantasies
  • Humiliation (sph, sissification, verbal)
  • All forms of cock control (guided masturbation, orgasm edging, etc.,)
  • Pain play (cbt, spanking, nipple torture)
  • Cuckold fantasies
  • Casual conversation about kink (yes, some of you do simply like to call and chat–and I love it!)

Bring your toys and tools for real-time play, by all means! I especially enjoy controlling Lovense toys during O/ur session. If you have them, definitely bring them (make sure they’re charged), and add Me on the platform. I’m under rachel_kby.

Don’t have any toys or tools? Depending on the kink, I’m sure W/e can get creative. 😉

Don’t want real-time play, but roleplay? Well, I speak and love that language, too!


What if I don’t see My kink reflected there?


That’s not an exhaustive list, just My favorites!

The world of kink and Femdom are so wide, it’s kind of difficult to list all the kinks that interest Me.

If you’re not sure I’ll enjoy what you enjoy, check out the pre-session questionnaire on My personal blog, fill it out, and return both questions and answers to Me at I’ll be happy to reply as quickly as I can with a frank but friendly assessment of whether or not I can take you where you want to go.

And hey, browse some posts and pages while you’re there! My blog is a very good way to get a feel for who I am as a phone sex Femdomme!

I do like to be able to assure U/s both that W/e’re compatible, so I appreciate the chance to “meet” you before O/ur session if you’re in any doubt. If you’re not nuts about filling out forms (even fun, sexy ones) feel free to add Me via Skype @enchantrixrachel, and let’s have a little chat.


Speaking of Skype


Come play with Goddess Rachel in April and get 5 free minutes added to your call! 1-800-356-6169The five free minutes with Me bestowed upon you by LDW is good for all sessions. That includes Skype text and voice, and also includes those delicious times you appear on cam for Me while W/e play.

It further includes click to call sessions, though you’ll need to call back through dispatch to get Our five extra together.

In short, whether by phone, text, or Skype, you arrange for 10 minutes, and get 15. Arrange for 15, and get 20. Arrange for 20, and get 25. 

You get the picture!


When to find Goddess Rachel


I’m generally available between 1pm and 1am Eastern time, but that’s really a window, not a schedule, per se.

The best thing to do is to check and bookmark two pages, the pinned post on My blog, where I keep up-to-the-minute schedule information, and this page, where you can see in real time whether or not I am currently in session.

You can also arrange for an appointment within the aforementioned window, and I may even be willing to make Myself available slightly outside of it in certain circumstances. Feel free to ask via E-mail or Skype.

Well, I think I’ve set you up in good enough stead to come and play!

Thank you, once again, to all the members of Enchantrix Empire, for voting your Goddess Rachel Mistress of the Month! I hope to have the opportunity to thank many of you voice to voice, as well as to meet new prey–I mean, playmates!

And even if W/e don’t manage to connect during April, I hope W/e’ll have the opportunity at some point in the future!


Warm, wet best wishes,


Goddess Rachel


P.S.: To further celebrate My Mistress of the Month win, I’m extending the introductory pricing on My newest erotic audio, Neighborhood Cocksucker. Follow the link to learn more!

P.P.S.: Feel free to click below to listen to a short greeting from Me!



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