Hey fellas! I know you’re all super excited about the Two Mistress Special for April, but I thought I’d let you all know that I’ve got something fun going on, too! I’m running a Participation Prize Contest all Spring long. It’s super easy, and everyone wins. All you have to do is track down my blogs on the LDW Group blogs and leave a thoughtful, on-topic comment! Find as many as you can (and there are a LOT), and keep track of all your hard work. Leave comments on at least 25 different blog posts to win 10 free minutes with me! Want more time? Leave more comments!

Join In And Win With Ms Harper’s Participation Contest

I’m looking forward to all your smart, thoughtful comments! And to getting to spend some time with you this Summer. You have until June 20th 2024 to leave your comments and win free minutes with me


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