Hello everyone! I’m your mistress of the month for May, and I’m so excited. I just want to thank our active and fun users on EE for giving me this opportunity to get some extra fun with you all throughout the month of May! Cause now for the whole month you will be getting 5 Free minutes added to your paid call or sexting sessions! Now some of you do not know all that much about me so I plan on sharing a bit about myself in this post for the curious.

My Style

So I’m a young fun mistress, and would categorize myself a sensual tease mistress. I love to tease, and really delve into fantasies. I enjoy discussing our kinks and fetishes and find out what really makes you swell! I enjoy a lot of different types of calls including watching you on Skype. But I’ll go into my favorite topics in just a moment let’s focus on me. I’ve been a mistress here at LDW since 2018 and I’ve gotten to speak and explore with a lot of you.  Though you don’t always get the same version of me, like for example did some of you know that I’m also a switch? I too can be a “good girl” or often then not a bratty one.

I’ve always enjoyed teasing with my personality and body. As mistress of the month for May I imagine I will be doing a lot of that. So to truly get to know a bit about my style and my voice. I invite you to check out my blog here. I have an audio page that has plenty of voice samples and even some longer audios that you can enjoy! With that being said let’s explore my favorite type of calls.

Calls I Enjoy

Sissy Calls – I always enjoy a girlie that loves to get dressed up and play. Or simple enjoy some girl talk between us girls there are a lot of topics that can be explore. Being a sissy isn’t always about dressing up, sometimes it’s about trying to achieve the max femininity possible for your situation and I’m here to help!

Roleplaying – I LOVE roleplaying. It’s really fun to play a role even if it’s not quite being a mistress. Perhaps I’m the sexy girl next door that catches you in a interesting position or a co-worker that spies you wearing panties during the work day and hatches a little naughty plan. Roleplaying can be so much fun and so many different ideas to explore, so what are yours?

JOI – Well it’s no secret that I love cock control so jerk of instructions are right down my alley. Telling you how to touch yourself, when to tug and pull your balls and keep you going for as long as I wish.

Tease And Denial – YES, YES, YES, I love it. Although you won’t be hearing me saying yes in the end. I want to tease you up and leave you with the biggest blue balls as possible!

CEI – Now for quite a while I’ve been on a big cum-eating kick. So for many it’s probably not very surprising to know that I find cum-eating very erotic and arousing and I love teasing you into doing it.

Sensory Play – Sensory play is fun, having your touch yourself while you explore your body blindfolded is a real fun one but not the only thing we can do. I have a lot of ideas for sensory play all you have to do is inquire.

Now those are just some of my most enjoyable I do cater to a lot of other kinks. Just wanted to give you something to think about and teach you a little bit about some of my favorites. Again you can always explore my blog for more things that I’ve explored and written about.

How To Contact Me

So whether you just want to inquire about getting acquainted or wish to request an appointment if it’s outside my normal hours you can always email me at riley@enchantrixempire.com. You may also contact me on Skype and search for me by Riley Enchantrix. I’m also as you know on our site enchantrixempire.com as RileyEnchantrix or you can find me on Twitter @Rileyenchantrix. My inboxes are always open and checked daily and pretty often.

Thank you all again for choosing me as your Mistress of the month for May, I’m looking forward to it being a very fun May!

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