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How To Please Your Mistress

How do you please your Mistress? Do you know? Are you looking for a Mistress and are concerned, and you don't have a clue? Well hang on to your knish, let's take a look at how you can please your Mistress. How To Please Your Mistress I get...

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Harper’s Whore School is in Session

Welcome to school! Oh, don't worry if you show up naked and missing your homework, it's not that kind of school... Harper's Whore School is in session for the fall and winter semester, and you are invited! The semester consists of one hour long...

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Porn: Let’s Watch it Together

Watch Porn with Mistress Scarlet Do you love to watch porn while you masturbate? Want someone to join you that has the same enthusiasm? Let's watch some of your favorite videos together during our next phone or chat session! Read more HERE....

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Masturbate Yourself In Ms. Cindy’s Presence

As a Mistress who has spoken with countless men like yourself, there really are not many things that shock me anymore. In some ways, I am a scientist who observes the behaviors of men. In fact, one could almost say I have a graduate degree in...

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Beard Shadow: How to Hide It

Five O'Clock Shadow Concealment Are you a sissy or cross dresser that gets frustrated because they don't know what to do to hide their beard shadow? Princess Andi has a solution for concealing your Five O'Clock Shadow. She very excited to share this 2 part...

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Does Pre-Cum Count?

Coached Cum Eating  If you've licked the slippery, sweet stuff from your cock - are you a cum eater? Miss Scarlet tells you her honest opinion on this coached cum eating fetish! Read more HERE.   To call Mistress Scarlet, click HERE. Visit...

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You Want a Slut Wife

Is having a slut wife your cuckold fantasy?   Men come to me for advice on how to turn their wives into a slut wife quite often. I have found that most men fantasize and jerk off while thinking about their wives being fucked by other men....

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