Sissy Pageant Awards

If you've been following along with all the drama and excitement of the 2019 Sissy Pageant, then you already know we had our Award Show. But, if you've been living under a rock lately, allow me to catch you up! On April 20, 2019 we had a live Sissy Pageant Awards show...

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Sissy Pageant 2019 Save the Date

Welcome to the 2019 Sissy Pageant!Come one, come all, to the Enchantrix Empire Sissy Pageant! If you've never experienced the Sissy Pageant, you're in for a treat! All our sissies, cross dressing sluts, and gender non-conforming love bugs are welcome to...

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Why is Cum Eating the #1 Fantasy for Many?

How you do feel about cum eating?I think the main reason is that licking up your own cum is taboo and represents so many naughty things to you. For example, does this cum eating fantasy describe what is going through your --- ahem -- head (yeah that pun is...

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Fantasizing about me masturbating again?

You’ve been fantasizing about me masturbating again haven’t you? Wondering just how I do it. Thinking about what it would be like to be there, to listen, to participate? Read more about Ms. Scarlet here. Click here to hear Ms. Scarlet tell you...

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Cock Daydreams: Thinking About Your Cock

Do you think of your cock every day? HA! Of course you do! It dangles between your legs and periodically gets hard to remind you it is there and, damn, does it feel good. Mistress Thinks About Your Cock Do you know I also think of your cock...

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Virtual Anniversary Celebration

You're invited to my virtual anniversary party! That's right, I'm hosting a virtual anniversary party at the Enchantrix Empire Sim in the Virtual World for my one year anniversary online! I've been playing around and fucking around in the...

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Ms. Riley Loves Watching Cum Eaters

Bon Appetit! The excitement has built up to this moment. As you are in front of your camera carefully stroking your cock to my instructions the urge to cum growing stronger. Both us knowing that your orgasm won't be the main event tonight. Even I see your eyes staring...

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Bimbo Training Audio *NEW*

Bimbo Training: Get Transformed Ms Delia and I have teamed up to condition you. To trance you. And to make you our very own sissy bimbo. How does that sound? Mmmm. I thought so. We recorded a sexy and conditioning audio with you in mind and you...

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Two Years Controlling Your Cock

Two years controlling your cock, and I'm celebrating in a big way! I have already rolled out my hot celebration but I would be remiss if I didn't run over here and tell you about two great ways you can have some kinky time with me in December! I like to...

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Are You a Booty Call Bitch?

Booty Call Bitch The last time we spoke, you said you just wanted to suck his cock. You said you only wanted to please him. I explained that you were going to be turned into a booty call bitch, and I know you were so hot by the sound of that!...

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