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Our own social network, Enchantrix Empire was launched in May of 2010. All of the Mistresses of Cock Control are members and regular contributors at this site. Membership is free! The Empire gives both our Mistresses and our callers, fans and friends the opportunity to interact, get silly, have fun, and share ideas, thoughts and kinks in a casual and social environment.

At Enchantrix Empire, you can

– Create and vote in polls
– Read Mistress and member blog posts, and write your own
– Share and view photos
– Chat with other members
– Send Instant Messages

…and much more. Enchantrix Empire members receive exclusive offers and invitations to special Cock Control events. Join the Empire today!


  1. ever since I was young I loved wearing women’s panties, satin panties very pretty with a bow on the string bikini, I tried being straight having a girlfriend deep down inside I just wanted to wear her bra and panties and high heels shoes.

  2. I love sucking cock. I am a man..

  3. I love your site and have had some fun times with your Mistress’s and will enjoy more calls massaging balls and waiting for some instructional fun. You ladies are GREAT. thanks

  4. And you teddy dear are a cherished member. It is because of our members that EE has grown to nearly 5K! Thank you.

  5. Dear Social Network, Thankyou for all that you do to make the world a better a place.THANKYOU for providing a valuable safe place for male submissives like myself to go for guidance, understanding, teachings! I do not feel totally connected yet I am getting there. Maybe part of the solution is to realize there is a problem with my thinking and feeling! Yes yes yes…new year resolutions. Ok, I want do better, my new years resolution is to get better. A whole lot can not explained in few sentences.slave ted


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