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Webtease Meets Orgasm Denial and Cockstroking Audio, at May I Cum?

2006 brought a lot of changes, developments and improvements to the Cockteasing Community at Cock Control. But it wasn't until the last week of 2006 that the Mistresss and I had the brilliant idea to combine:

- webtease (captioned images)
- teasing and denial
- orgasm denial
- cockteasing
- orgasm denial audio

and bring them all together in our special cockteasing way to bring you the already insanely popular new site:

May I Cum? Orgasm Denial Webtease Training

So what's this new site all about? Basically, it expands on the site we started back in the summer of 2004, www.web-tease.com. Don't go there now, there's nothing there. You'll find our all new, improved and *spectacular* new website located at May I Cum - Webtease and Denial Program

Each day, a Masturbatrix will post a stroking assignment for you. Those who voluntarily decide to follow the program (or who've been assigned by their Mistress to follow), check the site each day, carry out the masturbation instructions, and then check back to the webtease site to find out whether they are allowed to have an orgasm that day.

And if you are not into orgasm denial, you can still participate in the webtease fun, by visiting May I Cum's sister site, Tease Mafia, which offers the same webtease with audio fun, while still giving you the chance to have a happy ending!

So welcome to the new age of the Webtease - check out the program at May I Cum or Tease Mafia, and stroke away, strokers!

Click Here to Visit our Webtease / Audio / Orgasm Denial Program:
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