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How to Read All of Your Favorite Blogs in One Place Using RSS Feeds

You can subscribe to RSS feeds by using apps or browser add-ons called feed readers. There are many free feed readers available for all of the popular operating systems and devices.

Each of our sites and blogs have an RSS feed. Once you've signed up for the RSS Reader you want to use, you can add the blogs/sites you wish to read by using the search feature and typing in the blog name. To manually add a site, use the sitename with "/rss" at the end. e.g. https://mayicum.com/rss

Below are a few of our favorite *free* RSS feed readers but there are many other free and paid options, as well. The choice is entirely yours.

If you have any questions about any of our site/blog feeds, you can click on "Live Help" in the menu above.

Thank you, and Happy Reading!!