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  1. Call date: 2012-6-29

    Mistress: Violet

    Rating from 1 – 10: 10

    Dispatcher rating: 10

    Would you call mistress again?: yes

    Would you call service again?: yes

    Suggestions: I called Ms Violet after about a year and we hit it off right away. We did call where she works with me and dressed me as a girl. Also when she told me when she started as mistress she said I was main reason her & Ms Olivia became close friends. That made me feel great and now I have no choice but to call again. Great call.

    • Peter, I was delighted to talk with you again. It was great to get reacquainted and then weave a sensual tale of seduction for you. *wink* So happy to hear I will be talking with you again sweetie! *hugs*

  2. Call date: 2012-04-21

    Mistress: Jennifer at Live Help

    Rating from 1 – 10: 10

    Dispatcher rating: 10

    Would you call mistress again?: yes

    No? Why?: it was a question to Help My Cock

    Suggestions: Ms. Jennifer ——
    i chatted with her At Help My Cock – she was great what a nice sweet helpful operator . great attitude, patient, witty and a pleasure to talk to – if she has the voice she should be on the radio ..

  3. I spoke to Mistress Meredith twice last night, she changed my name to Tiffiany and treated me like the little whore that I am. My ass is a little sore today, but it’s a good pain. I’ll be practing walking in my heels and can’t wait until next time.
    Thank you Mistress Meredith !

  4. Call date: 2012-01-01

    Mistress: Violet

    Rating from 1 – 10: 10

    Dispatcher rating: 10

    Would you call mistress again?: Yes

    Would you call service again?: Yes

    No? Why?:

    Suggestions: Reconnecting with Mistress Violet after several months away was so wonderful. It was hearing a friend’s voice, catching up, and having some fun. Warm and honest.

    • Thank you. I enjoyed our session as well. *smile* Isn’t it amazing how it all comes flooding back. Sort of like riding a bike, only much sexier. *grin*

  5. My first experience with Mistress Violet has been fabulous. She seemed to really enjoy our call and especially total denial. As I requested, she left me even hornier than I was at the start of the call. Thank you Mistress Violet!

    • Thank you slave jerry. I enjoyed our call so much! Now you know that I truly do love denial. *wicked smile*

  6. MS ANN, 1 of the best ladies at LDW. i called her. It is almost impossible for me not to. i am very glad that i connected with her. i know i don’t measure up to her needs but i do try. She is amazing. Caring. Wicked. Kinky. & very sexual. + smart as all get out. Wow, i am lucky to know her.

  7. Next i called ms Cloe. WOW! She is tops. i know she is new but she is QUICKLY becoming a favorite of mine. She is laughing all the time. & on the rare occasion that she is not she is smiling. (you know how u can hear a smile over the phone) i just hope that i can please her.

  8. i called Ms Alexis twice also. She is really fun & i wanted to let her laugh at me more. + She is so fun. Immediately happy when she hears me & so i get immediately happy.

  9. my next call i think was to Payton. She is fun. Not a special connection But so good. You can’t go wrong with Ms Payton. She is fun & always seems happy to hear from me.

    • Awwwww, Toy. It wasn’t me you talked to last night (I MIGHT have talked to you when Ms. Violet organized things about 2-3 weeks ago ;))but I always have a blast with you. Even though I wasn’t part of the phone fun I got to see you all night on cam. OMG…..they were really putting you thru your paces. I got to watch it all….my fellow Mistress’s are so clever and deviant. Talk about laughing my butt-off. You are such a good pet for LDW, always entertaining us. THANK YOU so much!!!

      • You see why it is so amazing this process! i really thought it was you. But then again, what praise goes to the LDW ladies. It really is hard to go wrong here. Get to know the ladies to talk to the best 1 for u or just let them pick for u. It is still great.

        Ms Payton, i am a little bummed, as i really hoped it was u. But then again the effect of you telling me it was not you was quite obvious too.

  10. Ms Jasmine orchestrated things last night. She is so creative & thoughtful. She comes up with some amazing idea’s. Things i could never have imagined. But she does make sure it is safe. But she REALLY pushes the limits! A caring voice. A beautiful mind. An amazing woman. Wow!

  11. i also called Alexis. She is great! & creative & certainly in control. She likes to put me thru the paces. boy she enjoyed laughing at me. She has a soft, sweet voice & is a great asset for LDW.

  12. Had grea call with Ms. Lisa no place to leave a rating. She was fantastic and I want to give her well deserved A++. 727

  13. Call date: 2010-11-12

    Mistress: Scarlet

    Rating from 1 – 10: 2

    Dispatcher rating: 7

    Would you call mistress again?: no

    Would you call service again?: yes

    No? Why?:

    Suggestions: not a good call. it started fine and we were talking until Scarlet’s phone seemed to drop the call. Called in, dispatcher put me on hold for awhile until I finally got a “failed to answer” message and was sent back into the call queue. Dispatcher finally picked up again, said she had tried to re-connect but apparently the call didn’t go through. She offered to re-connect me again, but I declined as this is the second time that I’ve called Scarlet that this exact thing happened.

    Well, not exactly–the last time a few months back that my call failed I never even talked to Scarlet, as the connection just never went through via click to call and the dispatcher, Needless to say, though Scarlet seems like a good operator and I enjoyed the few minutes we were speaking, the fact that I have had phone problems two times in recent memory means I probably won’t try again.
    It’s an unfortunate way for a call to go when it begins and then you find yourself on hold in the phone queue. I’ve been calling your service for some time now, and I don’t think I’ve had this problem with any of the other times I\’ve called anyone.

    The dispatcher was good enough to try and offer me someone else,but after the disappointing start I just decided to nix the call. Dispatcher did offer me a credit for the time spent if I call back in two days (which likely will not be possible) or the charges will be dropped after that, which is at least a professional gesture that I appreciated. Still and all, for a company that I have come to admire for its good service overall, the fact that I’ve had problems with two calls in the last few months is extremely disappointing to say the least.

    • Thank you very much for the detailed feedback. With this I was able to pull the logs I needed to submit to our phone provider, to have them find out why this happened and, hopefully, make it not happen again. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know about it.


  14. I like you very much . thank you for talking to me. ty for your commiseration about my ordeal
    I love your sexy voice.


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