We are all about the chat! You can chat with us before you call a few different ways:

Community Kink is our free chat site. We offer open chats 24/7 a day, as well as hosted chats, special events, and chat combined with Cock Radio live Internet radio shows hosted by the Mistresses of Cock Control

Enchantrix Empire, our own Social Network, offers Instant Messaging as well as email-messaging in one self-contained network. Registration is free!

You can also chat live with our Mistresses via Yahoo Instant Messenger. Each Mistress has her Yahoo ID posted on her profile on Cock Control

Last, if you have general questions, or need a recommendation for a Mistress to talk with, you can find us on Cock Control Live Help. Live Help is staffed by the Mistresses of Cock Control.


  1. Miss Harper shrink me love be in u folll house

  2. make me sissy


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