Whore School Goes Virtual: Join Us

You are invited! Join Whore School in the Virtual World this coming Sunday September 15th from 11 pm to midnight Eastern time for a very special live event! I'll be streaming Whore School from inside the Virtual World! Join us and witness this...

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Sex Education with a Twist

If you haven't already, you need to give Whore School a chance. Whore School is my adult themed sex education podcast, airing every Sunday evening from 11 pm to midnight Eastern time. Well into my third year, and at 170 episodes and counting,...

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Lick It Up

I know that you're a dirty little cum eater, and you love to lick it up. How do I know this about you? Because it's so damn obvious! I mean, just look at you. You're already starting to fucking salivate over the idea, aren't you? You would love...

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Your Submission Pleases Mistress

Your Submission Pleases Mistress and today we are going to find a fun way you can do so! You see, many of you come to me wanting to know how you can please me. Simply: Your Submission pleases me. In a variety of ways and stages of submission,...

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Jerk Off July Cum Eating Challenge

Celebrate Jerk Off July... Jerk off July is in full swing all over the Empire and I am no exception. I am having the time of my life celebrating and with Jerk Off July coinciding with National Ice-Cream Month. I couldn't help but bring back one...

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Cock Seeking Online

Miss Rachel Helps You Phrase Your "Cock Seeking" Online Profile Are you more than ready to suck cock, but not sure how to ask for it? Some of you get your cock sucking needs met at the glory hole, but others of you would rather satisfy your...

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Sad News

I'm sad to have to share the news with you that Ms Dallas passed away. Ms Dallas was here with us since the beginning and to say that she will be missed is an understatement. We are currently putting together a memorial show for her and will...

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Pass the Penis

I bet you already know all about our Pass the Penis game... But, just in case you're new here, or haven't had a chance to play yet, let me introduce you to one of the most fun ways to play with your cock! If you have a fetish for being shown...

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Gooning Masturbation Training

I'm looking for a hot cock that's ready for some gooning masturbation fun! Hi there, Mistress Erika of Intelligent phone fantasy talking with you today about gooning. If you have a penis, I'm sure you are aware of the gooning phenomenon....

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Cum Eater’s Morning Fantasy

Do you like cream in your coffee? This is a cum eater's morning fantasy! Let's have coffee together. I'll bring the sexiness and YOU bring the cream! Read the full post from Mistress Scarlet HERE.   To call Mistress Scarlet, click HERE....

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Cuckolding for Intellectuals

Did you know that according to some therapists, cuckolding is the sex sport of intellectuals? It's the sexual fetish of phd's and other brainiacs. As I've touched on before, there are epic cuckolds throughout history, so cuckolding is nothing...

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*NEW* Audios from Mistress Erika

Erotic Audios Mistress Erika is happy to announce that she has added new audios to the audio store! If you are missing the sexy stylings of Ms. Erika when she is not around, you can always buy an audio and enjoy some time alone with her. Don’t...

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