Pantyhose Fetish Fun

Pantyhose Fetish Fun What is Pantyhose Fetish? Hello Fans, Followers and Friends! Pantyhose Fetish Fun is one of my favorite kinks and fetish to indulge in! So, In this Blog Post I will discuss Pantyhose Fetish Fun and give you all a comprehensive background look at...

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Adjusting to the Cuckold Lifestyle

Adjusting to a Cuckold Lifestyle:Initial introduction Adjusting To A Cuckold Lifestyle is a Journey, with many unknown twists and turns. In my Domination Practice, Both as a Lifestyle Mistress and In Distance Domination, I've helped a staggering number of Husbands to...

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Phone Sex Advice

Are you nervous about calling phone sex for the very first time? Or maybe you're a little weak in the knees about calling your favorite Mistress for the first time! Don't be nervous, silly willy, you'll be fine. It's just a phone conversation, after all. But, if you'd...

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Closet Gay Cuckold Guide Am I a Closet Gay Cuckold Closet Gay Cuckold Guide Hello Readers, Searchers, Friends, Fans and Followers! I hope your day is Sky High Glorious. In this post, we will explore a question I get asked very...

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Cuckold Fluffer Guide

  Cuckold Fluffer Guide An Introduction In this post, we will examine the the intricate world of Cuckold Play for couples, and the many aspects of this area of exploration can offer is abundant, so today we shall focus on the Cuckold Fluffer area, and how YOU as...

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Sexy Story Time

Did you know there's a new podcast on Cock Radio, called Sexy Story Time with Mistress Hunter? Sexy Story Time is a weekly podcast featuring me reading a different erotic story each week.  The podcast will be pre-recorded and uploaded to Cock Radio every Friday for...

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How to Get Free Phone Sex

Hello, naughty! Are you here because you googled the words "Free phone sex"? If so I really want to know! Email me or leave a comment below. If you are here because you are a regular at the Daily Cock, then you might be aware of the various ways you can earn free...

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Now, for something extra special! Ms Scarlet is just one of our mistresses who have audios on sale for you for our Awesome August Audio Sale. And for this month only they are 25% off! She has made some audios that you can only find in one place. Our exclusive Phone...

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Phone Sex: A Sapiosexual Haven

PHONE SEX - A SAPIOSEXUAL HAVEN What is A Sapiosexual? In this post, PHONE SEX - A SAPIOSEXUAL HAVEN, we will take a closer look at the far reaching benefits of phone sex in all it's forms, especially for those who seek a true meeting (OR MATING!) of the minds. This...

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