Dear Diary,

Cassidy and I decided to spend today on the coast of Texas. It’s warm here, but not nearly as hot as Austin. After doing some sightseeing, there’s more to see in Texas than we expected, we even had an awesomely sexy tour guide Mistress.  Want to guess who?  We also had some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever tasted and then ended up on the beach in one of the little coastal communities.  

We were lying there on the beach, enjoying the sun and the white sand, when a guy walks up to us and asks us if we would like to go on a boat ride for the afternoon.  He showed us his card and promised that he really was a chartered boat captain. We were skeptical, but he seemed on the up and up and he only stared at Cassidy’s boobs for a minute when he was talking to us, instead of the whole time.  We talked about it, decided that since Dexter has a boat, we could at least pretend we were with him and got directions to the boat.   He told us that he was leaving port in an hour if we decided to come along.  We said that we would think about it, but he was kinda cute and we were in the mood for a stroking game.  After he left we walked to the snow cone stand and bought two of the huge treats, Cherry Red of course.  Instead of cones, the icy stuff came in large Styrofoam cups and there were  lots of flavors, including some crazy ones like pickle juice and something called a salty dog.

Snow Cones and Sea Captains

Grabbing short shorts out of the car and a couple of hoodies (it’s windy by the coast) we went down to where he had told us his boat was anchored. True to his word, he was the Captain of a fishing boat.  Neither of us had had any experience on a fishing boat, but we’re always up for new adventures. So we got our sea legs and went aboard.
Turns out Cassidy and I were his only guests.  He said that he had a cancellation of a party of ten, but now it was just us three.  Well, you know what usually happens when we get a chance to be alone with a guy, right, Diary?  It was time for the cock tease princesses to get busy with the Captain!  Cass and I discussed what we wanted to do with this guy as we cast our fishing poles, giggling and not truly trying to catch anything.  I really didn’t care what we did as long as it saved us from having to fake like we were fishing all afternoon.  Fishing is soooo boring.  I would much rather watch the Captain stroke his cock.  Now that’s a good way to spend an afternoon on a fishing boat, in my opinion.

Stroking is Better Than Fishing

So we both put our poles down and Cassidy told him that we wanted to play another game.  The captain looked puzzled but interested.  I asked him if he’d ever played a stroking game before, giving him a quick idea of what I meant by “stroking”. Understanding and excitement showed in his eyes. Then we explained what we wanted him to do for us.  He smiled a huge toothy grin and began to pull down his shorts. What struck me first was his lack of tan lines.  He must be naked in the sun most of the time.  I asked him and he said that he goes naked on the boat all the time when he is alone. He went on to say that he loved the feel of the wind on his cock. I could just see him on the deck of his boat in his captain’s hat and nothing else with his cock whipping in the wind.  This struck me as funny and I suddenly couldn’t stop laughing at the vision in my head.  Then I finally got my giggles under control and looked at him standing there, said cock in hand, with his tan shorts sitting around his ankles.  His t shirt read “World’s Best Deck Hand!” I almost lost it again, my amusement infecting Cassidy who was laughing along with me, though trying hard to control herself.   Don’t worry Diary, we  held it together as he stroked his cock at our commands.  He was a nice guy, but we still didn’t let him cum.

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