What Better Way to Say Bon Voyage Than by Giving me the Gift of Blue Balls

Cruise Ship

James & I will be cruising the Caribbean July 3-10th, just before my Mistress House Party. I’ve decided to have a little fun before I go by building up some pressure in your balls! Strokers, sissies, edge pets & CBT addicts, listen up, because there’s something here for everyone! NO CUMMING until the daily challenge is successfully completed. Chastity & denial pets, or those looking to test the limits of their control, no cumming for the duration of the challenge.

Your Countdown Stroking Assignment

  • Day 1: 10min holding ‘on’ vibrator against your balls while watching porn clips—no other touching allowed. 30 min stroking, every 10min break for either 3 min panty sniffing or wearing, or CBT. 10 ball smacks, 10 ass swats, and 10 edges to be completed in 30min, 3 attempts before I’ll permit you to give up.
  • Day 2: 10 min stroking with one hand—every 20 strokes smack your balls with a metal tablespoon or slotted serving spoon with the other. Watch 1 porn clip without touching, followed by 5 min with a vibrator held in one hand while you stroke with the other.
  • Day 3: 10 min stroking, 5 min CBT, 2 min panty sniffing (if you already have panties to play with)
  • Day 4: 2 clothespins on nipples, 10 whacks across the ass with a spatula or belt, and 20 min stroking with a minimum of 5 edges—5 more whacks across the ass for every edge missed, 3 attempts to reach 5 edges in 20min before I’ll permit you to give up.
  • Day 5: 30min stroking while wearing panties over head so the crotch is against your nose, or while watching porn; followed by 30 swats to the ass, 30 ball smacks, and 30 edges (stroking with a wet or dry grip is allowed)
  • Day 6: 10min of vibrator nestled against cock, held in place by tighty whities OR panties, but NO touching—and yes, the vibrator must be in the ‘on’ position. Every touch will result in a ball smack. Successful completion of 10 min without touching will be rewarded by 20min of stroking—but no cumming.
  • Day 7: watch 4 clips of your favorite type of porn, edging at least 3 times during each one. 2 min CBT, 1 min panty sniffing, and 3 min of playing with a vibrator in the manner of your choosing.
  • Day 8: 5 min of stroking in the shower, dry off, followed by 10min of stroking with a tie, panties, or stockings wrapped around your dick.
  • Day 9: 30min of stroking with a lubed grip or Fleshlight, broken up into 10min segments. After each 10min portion, take a break for 2 min to either sniff panties, smack your balls, or spank your ass.
  • Day 10: 10min ball smacks, 20 swats to the ass, 40 min stroking, broken up however you wish.

Don’t forget to call in and wish me a very kinky cruise!

For anyone who wants to get me something nice as a Bon Voyage Gift, check out my wishlist or consider some other ways to spoil your Goddess.


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