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What to Expect When I Guide Your Masturbation

Lilly especially enjoys having a submissive who is there for a first time guided masturbation session. They really have no idea what to expect. A lot of them come to her thinking it’s going to be a quick wanking session. They think a guided masturbation call means she says “Stroke,” and they’ll jerk off until they cum. Oh, how wrong they are!

Find out what they should expect here.

Having a Phone Sex Mistress

A phone sex mistress is a bit different than a mistress you will have in real time, we will never have any physical contact at all ever. We are here to build your self esteem and to help you reach your sexual desires in a safe and non-judgmental  place. Some men might just need a quick wank and move on, some might only use my service a few times a year. But if you need the comfort of a sexy voice with an understanding tone, look no further.

Get more details from Phone Sex Masturbatrix Sophia here.

 The LDW/Enchantrix Tour Schedule

Join Ms Cecilia for the LDW/Enchantrix Tour/ Social Hour with other Mistresses and community members during different hours of the week at communitykink.com. Check out the schedule here.

Check out our new Guided Persuasion Mistresses

Mistresses Erin and Liz will help you pursue your erotic fantasies via active listening and/or guided meditation. Read more about them here: http://guidedpersuasion.com/

Erotic Healing

Do you ever wonder where your particular sexual desires originated from?  Have you ever thought about exploring the origin of your fantasies and kinks with an experienced Erotic Healer? To the Erotic Healer, sexuality is a gift. It should not feel shameful or be ignored. The Erotic Healers here at LDW Group will listen and be open-minded. They will provide you with guidance, support and acceptance. So relax, and let one of our experienced Erotic Healers assist you in getting your sexual energies under control. To purchase a phone session with one of our Erotic Healers, please visit our website http://www.erotichealing.com/ or call 1-800-356-6169.