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Ms. Ryan’s Penthouse Forum style erotic fiction

There are occasions where you may find yourself unable to reach a live Mistress, whether due to circumstances, location, or opportunity. Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s just not possible to speak to someone. So, you turn to your inevitable spank bank when you want to get off but even that can get fairly old pretty quickly. You could look at porn but, if you could look at porn, you would probably be able to speak to someone. A solution? A high-tech answer that goes back to it’s low-tech roots. Erotic Fiction Yep, old-school, Penthouse Forum style erotica (well, maybe a bit better written than Forum letters). But wait, before you click away, let me at least give you a taste of what you could enjoy?

Two days later, he was seated across from a woman whose pictures simply didn’t do her justice. She was so much more when you could interact with her in a back and forth conversation. Her voice was like a warm blanket, wrapping itself around his senses, and her wit had him in stitches laughing. He couldn’t help but return the genuine smile that spread across her lips as she opened the gift he’d brought for her (a pound of a local roaster’s beans) and they’d begun their date by discussing coffee.

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  • **Applause**

    I can’t even begin to remark on just how exciting this is. Ms Ryan, you are the epitome of class and style here at LDW. But even when you strip that away, no one can deny your raw, erotic energy that translates so well to the written word. Congrats on your magnificent foray into the deep, sexual jungle of erotic lit, and most importantly, thank you for making it available to all of us.

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