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Cuckold Fluffer Aspirations

Do’s and Dont’s for the Prospective Cuckold Fluffer

You’ve decided that you want and need to be a very “proactive” cuckold. You want to do whatever you can to help prep the cock that will be fucking your wife (although the cuckoldress could be your girlfriend), making her cum over and over again and beg for more.

How is it that you can get those eager cocks super hard? That’s easy! You become a cuckold fluffer. Mistress EmmaJane has some tips on fluffer etiquette to guide you on your journey HERE.

Cuckold fluffer advice from Ms. EmmaJane.

Mistress EmmaJane


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1 comment to Cuckold Fluffer Aspirations

  • Ms EmmaJane!

    What luck a submissive cuckold would have to get your experienced tutelage! Having you break down a cuk’s “duties” as a fluffer training them for that time, that day, that moment when it’s all “him” and his new found skills put to the test! Hearing your encouraging whispers, faster or slower. Harder or softer. One thinks a fluffer’s duties are instinctual, they are NOT. Well not if you want to be any GOOD at it. Love this!

    See you around the Empire, sexy!

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