Mistress Doesn’t Mean Bitch – Submitted by Ms Olivia

This post is inspired by a question from magnus who wants to know if I’m in Femdom mode all the time. He’s asking about My real life relationship and you can read the whole blog post on My blog www.experiencedmistress.com. This experpt is My take on the question as it relates to My online and phone relationship with you. Magnus wants to know: Do You decide when You are “on”?

Mistress Versus “Bitch”

We have all met certain women who are just plain disagreeable. When a female is behaving badly (not in a good ‘bad’ way) she is usually called a bitch. You can see from the previous (and upcoming IM chats) that I am NOT a bitch. I want to make sure that you get the best phone sex call of your life and that means having conversations about exactly what turns you on and what doesn’t. We can have the conversation at the beginning of the call or you can catch Me between calls on IM (if you don’t mind the delays in My response – I don’t IM during a session). Even if you know exactly what you want for the scene, I’ll still ask a couple questions to make sure we’re on the same page.

Being Bitchy is Lousy Customer Service!

BEFORE your session I will be a generous professional. I will work with you to identify your needs and desires. You’ve seen that here (and you’ll see it in the upcoming posts). I know for a fact that just because someone calls for a cuckold fantasy that doesn’t always mean they want to suck cock. Just because someone calls via a profile on sissy school that doesn’t mean they want full feminization or coerced into bi sexual or gay scenes. There are all sorts of ways to do cock control. You get the point.

When I’m the Domme in My phone sex life

I am a strong woman who knows My needs, limits, mind, etc. I manage Myself, My Moods and My career. Therefore I am a professional here and understand the distinction between being a Dominant (or scene Bitch) during a scene versus being a bitch about your customer service questions and issues. I’m the Femdom in a scene …. an expert professional everywhere else.

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