Dear Diary,

It’s me again!  Last night was our final night in Las Vegas. After our fun time judging the Cross Dressing Beauty Contest, Cassidy and I went headed back to our hotel and planned to have some dinner and then hit the sack. We got distracted in the casino though! The slot machines are so much fun to play and then there was this really gorgeous guy at the blackjack table, so of course we had to sit there and play just so we could see if he was our next  cock tease. He seemed very interested and then his wife walked up and insisted they leave the casino. She was clearly not going to join in our fun, so even though he looked at us with a sad, whipped expression and we knew that behind that beautiful face was a loser. We were upset that such a great face and body were so wasted. After that, the casino just wasn’t fun anymore. 

We went back to our hotel room and realized, after we had both showered, that we were starving! Neither of us had eaten anything since lunch. Room service was closed for the night, so we went to down to the restaurant to see if we could get some food there. We knocked on the door of the restaurant until a man in his mid-twenties came out of the back and unlocked the door. We explained our situation as only two cock tease princesses can and he let us in, promising that he would look in the kitchen for stuff to make something up for us. We couldn’t very well sit in the front of the empty restaurant because people would see us and think that the place was open, so the nice guy led us to the kitchen area and told us to sit and not touch anything.

Unlocking His Most Private Desires

As he went around gathering things for our impromptu meal, Cass and I put our heads together and came up with a plan to tease this man. We began to ask him questions as he worked. Was he single? What did he like to do sexually? What was his darkest sexual desire? He was startled by these questions, but after an awkward moment, he answered them. He was single, he loved sexy, confident women, but he had always wondered what it would be like to suck cock (That last part we had to nearly drag out of him, but we could tell when he hesitated it was the case). We smiled at each other and I excused myself to the next room to make a phone call. I called the guy from last night to see if he was game for a little more wild fun with us. He said that he would love to have his cock sucked, so he was on his way.

Ten minutes later I was unlocking the door for him, while Cassidy kept our new cook distracted with peaks at her boobs and talk of sucking and cock control. I led him back to the kitchen and introduced the two of them and we told them what we wanted them to do for us. Cassidy and I had them to move to the employee’s break room because as sexy as sucking cock is, the kitchen is not the place to do it!

A Thank You for the Food

The four of us moved to the break room and I told our cook to get on his knees in front of our friend from last night and unbutton his jeans. We could all see that he was hard already, so this was going to be fun. When his jeans and underwear were around his ankles, I told the cook how to start sucking. He learned very quickly and within moments was doing it like a pro. They were having such a good time, they didn’t notice when we raided the dessert cooler and quietly left to go to our room and finally get that good night’s sleep.

I think that a good time was had by all, don’t you, Diary?

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