It’s full control of your orgasm…

I Love Cock Control

Here’s the thing, pet. I love controlling your cock. I like to have full and complete control over when you stroke, how you stroke, how often you edge and when, or even if, you get to cum. It is, I believe, one of the ultimate expressions of submission and power exchange. You know how much you want to cum, how great it feels, and I get to decide if, when and how it happens.

The Coerced Orgasm

As part of that control, sometimes I like to coerce that orgasm out of you, to have you shoot when you don’t want to. It’s a game I like to play with my pets. Your objective is to not cum, to hold out. My objective is to have you spooge exactly when I want you to, even while you’re trying to hold out. It’s a pleasurable humiliation. The pleasure of the orgasm, with the humiliation of knowing you have no control over it.

The Game

There are consequences to ceding control of your cock to me. I’ll stroke you and tease you and bring you to a number of edges. Then I’ll tell you “Now you’ll cum for me slut.” And I WILL coerce that orgasm out of you, no matter how much you fight it. And, since you weren’t able to control yourself and spooged without permission; I told you you were going to cum, I didn’t give you permission, lol! You’re in for 30 days of chastity. But, for every minute you can hold out from spilling that cream, I’ll take a day off your sentence of denial. So how many days will you be chaste?

What is your sentence today?

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