Marilyn This August, Mistress Marilyn is giving her wonderful kinksters quite a treat- The Depths of Fetishism blog series on!

The Depths of Fetishism is about exploring the different types of submissives, and exploring the more commonly indulged fetishes in the BDSM lifestyle from top to bottom- such as feminization, cuckolding, teasing, and more . . .

This week, you can explore your submissive identity on The Depths of Fetishism: Submissive, Fetishist, or Masochist? Next Monday, we’ll explore your need to have your cock controlled . . . and just how much control your cock aches for!

Stay tuned to from now through September to see when your kinks will be explored . . . and just how deep your fetish runs.

XOXO- Mistress Marilyn


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