Let Amber Control YouHave you ever noticed that when a man has a cock in his hand, he is focused solely on his release, and any deviation from the path is inconceivable to him? Women can snap back to reality and make a serious decision moments before climax. We can answer a telephone completely calm, regardless of the sexual position we’re in. Sometimes, we’ll make a mental note about our grocery list or analyze what someone said to us earlier while performing a sensual blowjob. We can get so off-track that we can snap out of that sexy mood and switch activities completely. However, men are dedicated pleasure seekers, and are able to mute all reason, judgement and reality until they get what they need. While they are engaged in sexual activity, they rarely entertain thoughts that are not aligned with their aim to cum. This makes men a fertile playground for a strong Mistress that had a plan all along.

Masturbation is good for you, but so is discipline……

I know that many men are addicted to masturbation, and would not willingly relinquish control in any situation. The truth is that men need guidance. They crave it. Just like an unruly teenager or a stubborn cowlick, a firm hand is needed. That’s why it’s important that there’s someone holding the reins and calling the shots. No more stroking just for pleasure. No, you must stroke for purpose, and with a willingness to comply. After all, someone needs to be in charge.

It is never difficult to appeal to a man’s competitive spirit, and this is no exception. This is a stroking assignment that requires your full attention.

Do you rule your cock, or does your cock rule you? – Why You Need Orgasm Denial

For the next 30 days, I challenge you to stroke with purposeful focus on anything but the release. Instead of setting your sights on a blissful ejaculation, take the scenic route. Stroke without expecting a resolution. You are not allowed to default to your regular desires, not this time. NO release, only stroking. Set a dedicated time aside to edge yourself into submission for me each day, but remember, you are not allowed to cum. After stroking, go about your daily life. Work, see friends, watch TV…..but do not cum.

I expect a periodic report on your progress, and I shall test you. But don’t lie to Mistress, as my honey-sweet voice can switch in a blink for those that conceal the truth. Do not think of it as abstinence. It is merely discipline, and as you join this challenge with countless others, this skilled and masterful Mistress is prepared to take full ownership as your masturbatrix. You are a slave to your cock without my expertise and you need my direction. More than that, you need my approval.

It is time that your cock served a higher aim and that you evolve. Can you train for me? Can you change my mind about the male condition and show that you can focus? Will I delight in your obedience, or reprimand you in your failure?

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