Mistress Audrey's Cuckold TrainingThere are many myths about cuckolding, but there are some tried and true cuckold fantasies that never get old. Are you sized challenged? Does your partner feel you are sexually inadequate? Or perhaps she just prefers a more dominant partner in bed? One thing is for sure, you get incredibly aroused watching your wife or girlfriend being satisfied by another lover. Join me for Cuckold Training to get the most out of your cuckold fantasies.

Favorite Cuckold Fantasies

I never tire of laughing at the amazed expression on your face as you pathetically follow me to spy on my insanely hot escapades, and watch as I toss my glossy hair and use my hot body to flirt with every good-looking guy with a large bulge in his pants. How does the thought of my overwhelming attraction to a gorgeous young stud with the goods to make me scream with pleasure make you feel? Rock hard? I thought so.

Cleaning Up The Mess

I’ve said it before, but the days of letting you between my legs are over! The best you can do after I get home exhausted from a wild and sexy night with one of my young hot studs is crawl into bed and beg to clean up the mess that he’s made. If you’re looking for an extreme humiliation cuckold fantasy, the dark places we can go are endless as you increasingly degrade yourself trying to keep me happy with lavish gifts and pandering while I enjoy steamy trysts with real men who know how to give me the pleasure I deserve.

Want More Cuckolding?

As an experienced Cuckold Coach , I can tutor you in the fine art of cuckolding and help you craft a step-by-step cuckolding plan tailored to your particular situation, including the best ways to persuade your partner to take another lover. Perhaps you’re already on my list of Honorary Cuckolds and are banned from your cuckold marriage . No matter how experienced you are, make sure to ask about cuckold fantasies that we might not have discussed before.

Schedule A Cuckolding Session

If you’d like to experience a naughty cuckold training session with Mistress Audrey, she’s available most evenings from midnight to 4am and has new afternoon hours from 2-5pm.

Dark fantasies & confessions welcome!

For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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