Audrey Sexy story telling An evening of guided masturbation accompanied by some sexy storytelling is something many of my callers crave. It can be very relaxing to let a sexy woman take control for awhile…While I will gladly listen to your requests for a specific and intricate story you’d like explore, you might just want to lie back and enjoy as my rich narcotic voice washes over you and I spin an erotic story that you can relax into.

Setting Up the Perfect Role Play

One role play, that many of my callers find extremely enjoyable, is when they meet a gorgeous girl wearing stockings and heels at the hotel bar who takes control… that would be me. After some suggestive flirting, I propose that we return to your suite for a glass of champagne. You allow me to slowly seduce and pleasure you. This enticing role play  can segue into many other possibilities, and I want to emphasize that while I am adept at much more intense and complicated scenarios, just allowing me to take control and seduce you can be very satisfying in itself.

A Story That Delves Into Your Secret Fetishes

If you have a particular story you want me to tell, once you share the key points with me, I will be able to take you into the world that you’re craving to experience. I am experienced with fantasies ranging from the neighbor next door, sexy office scenarios, cuckolding, coerced bi and feminization, tickling, spanking, bondage, giantess and more. I will delve into your fantasy with such mind-bending graphic detail that you will swear it happened!

If some or all of these fantasies sound intriguing to you, Mistress Audrey is available for Sexy Storytelling sessions  most evenings between 11pm – 3am and starting at the end of June she’ll also have afternoon hours as well.

Audrey ~

Dark fantasies & confessions welcome!








For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
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Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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