Ms Amber loves cum eatrsIf there’s one thing I love, it’s a cum eater. Not only is it a perfect way to ‘recycle’ and manage mess effectively, cum eaters are kinky! When I encounter a cum eater, I automatically know that I am about to have a really great time with an open-minded person, and that excites me.

However, semen is a delicate thing, and highly sensitive to body changes, lifestyle and diet. Maybe you’ve never tried cum before, but would like to. In order to make your cum eating experience the very best it can be, there are a few things you should know. The more inviting the cum, the more you’ll crave it. And because you make your own, you have a fairly limitless supply. Whether you are a closet cum eater, do it boldly and openly or would like to try it for the very first time, I’m ready to help you make your cum taste better.

Don’t sabotage your semen!

As enjoyable as it can be to play fast and loose with your diet and lifestyle, this can directly impact your cum. Smoking, drinking, fast food and other processed food items can truly sabotage your efforts for healthy, delicious semen. Yes, I realize this may strike a chord with many of you and seem like I’m trying to ruin your fun, but hearing about good eating and health is nothing new. And if your cum tastes sour or unpleasant, do not assume this is normal. It doesn’t have to be! You can make a direct impact on your own taste. This can affect not only your own enjoyment, but the enjoyment of others. And if you’re addicted to masturbation like alot of men are, you are essentially forfeiting the chance to enjoy yourself completely if you cannot stomach what you produce.

Making your cum the tastiest in town….

A clean lifestyle with fresh food that is minimally processed is best for the most pleasant semen, period. Flushing your system with water on a regular basis, cutting out tobacco and upping your fruit intake will affect your semen in positive ways that you can taste! Many cum eaters will tell you that the pre-cum is sweeter than the final ejaculation, and some men have issues following through on their hopes of eating cum just because they are anxious about the actual semen. Take an active stance to improve your diet and lifestyle, and you won’t stop at the pre-cum! Turn edging into anticipation, and stroking that cock could be even more exciting just because you can’t wait for your delicious reward!

You are in charge of your own tasting pleasure! What you put in your body has a huge impact on what comes out of it. Not only are you bound to see positive differences with healthy changes, you may even learn to crave your cum!

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