Catherine in bedMistress of the Week; what exactly does that mean? Well, I suppose to me it means I’m giving you an opportunity to get to know me a little better.

The question I’m asked most often, and I’m sure it’s the same for most of the Mistresses here, is “What’s your favourite type of call?” and it’s the question I’m least able to answer! There’s not one kind of kink I prefer over others, but rather it’s the rapport, the chemistry between myself and the caller that’s the biggest turn-on.

Still, just to help you out a bit, I’ll expand on that. I’m most definitely a strong, dominant woman – strict, stern and cruel. I’m also warm, generous, intuitive and kind. Am I sensuous? Of course I am. Having said that, I’m no switch and never submissive but I have the greatest respect for those subbies that call me. No matter how much humiliation I heap upon them (at their request, naturally) I always respect and appreciate those brave enough to reveal their true nature to me. And now we get to it, don’t we? Now we get to what I love about what I do. It’s the connection, the trust, the relationship between me and a submissive that I love. Love? Yes, there’s love. There are many types of love and I don’t think the word is too strong for the way I feel about many of my callers. Over the years it’s inevitable that a relationship forms between us and I HAVE been here at LDW for a few years now and some of the subbies who called me during my first week here are still calling me today. I’d call that a relationship, wouldn’t you?

If you’re still not sure if I’m the right Mistress for you, then I suggest you check out my blog at where you’ll find articles, stories and free audios that might just help you to decide. I do like people to e-mail me before they call, especially if they have a particularly detailed fantasy they’d like to explore but if you’re the “just jump in with both feet” type of caller, then I can handle that too!

For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
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Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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