20150720 Ryan shoes20150720 Ryan shoes 2This is it. This is the day I know that you’ve all been waiting for with bated breath: The day of my shoe auction! Bidding will begin as soon as this post goes live.

If you’re unsure about the rules and would like a full explanation, please refer to my post dated on the 21st of July right here on The Daily Cock.

But put simply, what happens is that the auction will run until Tuesday the 28th. To bid, simply post your own comment to this blog post with the amount of your bid included in the comment. Bids will increase in increments of $5. After the auction closes, the winner will be the person with the highest and final bid.

I will update again after the auction has closed, and shortly thereafter, you will be contacted if you are the person with the winning bid.

I know that interest in my auction has been high, so I’m looking forward to seeing your bids. I’m sure you would love to own a pair of my gently-worn shoes (especially if you happen to have a bit of a shoe fetish, as I know many of you do), so let the bidding begin!

The winner will also receive a special gift from me, as well as a hand-written thank you note. Can you imagine being able to run your hands over one of my favourite pair of heels?

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