Food Play Techniques from Ms. BrightonFood Play is Not Just About Sploshing

Mistress has many ways to torment and tease you.  And the techniques do not have to involve expensive items.  A hairbrush to spank your ass, or a wooden spoon to smack your balls, are just as effective.  Head to your kitchen and look in your refrigerator or cabinets.  There are a plethora of items that can be used in a BDSM food play session.  Mistress Brighton discusses HERE food play on a budget, implementing food play into your repertoire, and how to stay safe when playing with your food.




Sploshing Your Way to a Happy New Year with Ms. Andi

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A Happy Sploshing New Year

Cum splosh with Ms. Andi to welcome in 2016!  Yesterday was her birthday (stop by her blog to wish her a “Happy Birthday” if you haven’t already), and today Ms. Andi is looking for someone to share New Year’s Eve dinner, Chinese food!  And she doesn’t want you to just eat it.  Stroke your duck sauce covered chicken and pork some fried rice on cam for Ms. Andi!  There’s no better way to celebrate!  Read more HERE on how she wants you to help her enjoy her food.



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