Goddess Gone Walkabout Oct 28th-Nov 16thGoddess Lilly travels to the Land Down Under - Australia!

Hi, subbies. I’m still in the Land Down Under, but I wanted to give you a heads up on some of the other amazing things James and I are going to be doing. In my last post, I mentioned how we’d be scuba diving at several locations in the Great Barrier reef over the course of 10 days, including free diving with sharks. This post, I’m focusing on the adventures we’ll have by exploring Australia from the land.

White Water Rafting

James and I will be indulging in a full day of white water rafting in class 2 to class 4 rapids, for an adrenaline pumping thrill ride that’s sure to get us soaked. Just a heads up: class 4 rapids are no joke, and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who’s inexperienced. There is a risk of serious injury, drowning, and death. So while James and I are looking forward to an amazing, exciting, and fun day, we know it’s also going to be exhausting & dangerous, and we’ll be looking out for each other and the other people in the raft.

The Daintree Rainforest

The oldest continually surviving rainforest in the World, and World Heritage listed. Daintree contains species that date back over 135 MILLION years. Much of its plant life could be considered living fossils, because indeed, the same species DO show up in the fossil record. It is home to flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth, as well as 25% of all species of plants and animals in Australia. We will be taking a river cruise through Daintree, enjoy a rainforest walk, a cable ferry, and tour some of the most scenic vistas in all of Australia.

The Atherton Tablelands

A glorious scenic area filled with waterfalls & streams, several thousand feet above sea level. We’ll be spending a day touring, hiking, and swimming here following our diving trips AFTER we lounge at sea level for a day. Decompression sickness isn’t something I care to experience in my lifetime.

I’ll be Back Soon Subbies

In the meantime, don’t forget to keep the ladies company, and check out my tumblr blog. I’ve queued up lots of gorgeous pics & naughty free audios for you to enjoy while I’m away.


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