As you know, I’m the host of Whore School, Cock Radio’s top show for adult sex education.

Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, are you in for a treat! I’ve got 70 episodes up for your enjoyment, each an hour long, and chock full of information on all sorts of adult sex ed topics. From the real deal with anatomy and physiology to sissification basics, cum eating advice, and even the down and dirty on some truly taboo topics, there’s literally nothing I won’t cover on Whore School. I’ve even had guests on the show to talk about their special areas of expertise: a pony play submissive, a PhD in Gender and Sociology, and various Mistresses with their special kinky favorites! (Did you know Brighton loves her food fetish games?)

As the host of Whore School, I pride myself on high quality information delivered in an entertaining and sexy manner.

Because I’m very invested in providing factual, informative, accurate information to my listeners, I’ve come up with a very special dare. I dare you to fact check me. Any fact that I utter during the show, if you can prove that I’m wrong, I’ll pay for you to call me so I can congratulate you on knowing more than I did. I’ll post a public correction, correct myself on the next live show, and you, yes you! can lord it over me that you were right and I was wrong. Fact check me, please!

I want to help everyone develop good informational habits.

Never go with just one source for anything that you learn, and this includes your sex ed. Branch out, find other sources, make sure we jibe together. Do research so that you know for a solid fact that you’re right; you’ll either prove yourself wrong and correct a mistaken belief, or prove that you’re right and have solid ammo for future arguments. Either way, research is dead sexy and totally gets me hot: smart people are a turn on! Learn about cognitive biases, and how to combat yours, and while you’re at it help my show be more accurate! Fact check me, prove me wrong, and I’ll not only own up to it, I’ll pay for your call so I can congratulate you person to person.

Whore School: accurate, adult, perverted sex education.

With bonus fact checking!


Listen to Ms. Harper here.

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