Did you know that according to some therapists, cuckolding is the sex sport of intellectuals? It’s the sexual fetish of phd’s and other brainiacs.

As I’ve touched on before, there are epic cuckolds throughout history, so cuckolding is nothing new. Then why is cuckolding being elevated to the #1 alt-sex fetish turn on of intellectuals? Some feel it has to do with the sublimation of physical touch for the psychological jolts of humiliaton and emotional pain. If you’re the lucky cuck, it’s even better if your significant other establishes not only a sexual bond, but also an emotional bond with the bull/stud. For a cuckold, this just adds to the misery/pleasure.

Can Intellectuals Outwit Primal Hard-Wiring?

Those who enjoy cuckolding are enjoying the primal rule that erections are much harder when there’s competition. But here’s the twist: intellectuals understand that while the average Joe would be devastated by another man having sex with his wife, an intellectually superior male can transcend the primal hard-wiring of jealousy and actually receive intense gratification from the situation. Then again, maybe you’re actually bi-curious and love seeing a naked guy’s body introduced to the scene in a (somewhat) more acceptable way.

Cuckold’s Slippery Slope

As I always caution my cuckold callers, real life cuckolding is a slippery slope and can lead to true heartbreak as well as mind blowing orgasms. If you really value your relationship do you want to risk losing it? Or do you risk losing it by not introducing more passion into your sex life? Both are damn good questions.

Audrey does private Cuckold Tutoring and can help you no matter what stage you’re at, whether you’re completely new to cuckolding or an experienced cuckold with live-in studs who pleasure your woman. She’d love to hear your deepest desires, darkest fantasies, and shed light on those paralyzing fears so that you can truly enjoy all that cuckolding has to offer. To discuss your cuckolding fantasies with Audrey, please check CockControl.com to see if she’s available.


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