The Weekly Hot Spot has a fantastic episode featuring an interview with Becca who works at and is a sissy. But this episode is so much more than sissy talk! In this episode, we discover a remotely app-controlled chastity device. So if you are into chastity and have always wanted Mistress to control your cage, THIS APP-CONTROLLED CAGE might be the device for you! And, you do not have to be a sissy.

Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia are both passionate about sissies and about chastity. This podcast should delight you if you are becoming a sissy and interested in sissy chastity training. Also, if you are a chastity enthusiast, and have always wondered about the best way to do keyholding, the Mistresses will discuss this too! 

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Sissy Chastity Training with Mistresses Delia and Olivia
This Episode’s Topics:

Difference between a sissy and a crossdresser
Find your style with sissy training
The best thing about being a sissy
Are you in touch with your feminine side?
How do you become a sissy?
Sissy training can assist shy sissy
What does sissy wear to her Mistress Interview?
Everyone wants to know about boobs
Sissy training and sissy support
You are NOT alone! We mean that!
Sissy assignments help with sissy training
One favorite sissy assignment from Mistress Olivia
Ms Delia LOVES fucking machines
Using chastity for sissy training
Chastity helps end purging
You are allowed a sissygasm…with conditions
Remote control chastity for the best sissy control
Mistress controls chastity through the app
Redefining a Mistress keyholder
BUY the remote control chastity cage
Discrete packaging for your sissy sex toys

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