Hello loves xo

Come Eat Cum with me !!! No, really I mean it !
I simply love cum play and I have indulged in it for a while now.

It’s a very intense kink and a real true way to show your partner how much you are into him!

If you have been thinking about cum play, and never knew where to start, well come on by, and I will teach you my methods to easy yourself into it.
The fun part is if you have a cock, you already have an apmple cum supply.
All you need is ME to encourage you and have some serious fun with this kink togehter.

Come Eat Cum with Ms. Alina Sky

sexy dripping fresh cum load mmmmm


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So a very vast number of my clients really are curious about this fetish and I’ve worked with each and one of them to fit cum play into any catagory they choose.

I think that almost every man out there had a curiousity about cum eating, and I find it very erotic. so I know that you can overCUM your shyness (see what I did there) and try it out for yourself if you haven’t already.

You can very easily do this by stages, by yourself, or with your partner to help, and definitely get trained by you Mistress on the many ways and options avialable to you.


So here is MY personal Take on why I have a cum fetish!

I just absolutly love the super sticky gooey mess that only a fantastic, thick load of jizz can provide!
Ohhhh the streams of hot, white fluid being directed RIGHT at me conveys a pretty powerful message!

This message cleraly indicates, that I have totally done a complete and thorough job providing an extreme and final degree of pleasure for my man. What can be better than that !!!
I so love to get it almost anywhere on my body, as well, My tits, ass or feet.

I simply adore seeing the ecstasy of my man,as he releases his heavy load with complete delight, especially when he sees I love it so!

I have to say, that I wasn’t really thinking a lot about cum when I started to date.
It’s really about the whole experience you have with your partner, because when you are super compatible then with my super high sex drive, I just can’t get enough,…

My most exciting experience being on the receiving end of a cumshot happened a little after I moved to NYC and met my current boyfriend. Our sexual compatability was off the chart.

Jordan is a total stud, a heavy cummer and I just adored that. .By then we had been dating for a few months, and I knew he had a natural ability for producing large amounts of semen. What a waste, I thought, for him to continue dispensing all of that warm, creamy goodness inside a condom!!

COME EAT CUM – He never dated someone that loved cum play before…

And so, one night I told him I wanted his load all over my face.

He was so shocked ! I think he wasn’t sure what to think, but I can tell he was eager to provide me with what I asked for.

Later that night, I gave him a hot dripping and long blowjob, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began stroking it vigorously.

I immediately I tilted my head back and waited for him to gloriously unleash what I had built up with my EXEPTIONAL oral skills. I reflexively closed my eyes as I felt the first ropes of cum land on my forehead. Although I couldn’t open my eyes and see it all as it landed, I could feel it dripping everywhere. I was SO turned on…..; dripping wet, I just felt like I never wanted it to end…

Jordan squeezed out every drop that remained, shaking his bigh heavy cock so that it made its way to my face. Once he was finished, I opened my eyes and looked up at him.

I had a small request. I’ve asked him to open my side table first drawer where I had my special pearl back antique handheld mirror.

Jordan did as I’ve asked… I wanted to see myself. I wanted to see what I looked like drenched in his goo.

Holding the mirror a few inches from my face, I stared at myself in joy and amazement as I took my time and inspected this lovely fantastic mess our hot passion created.

I felt so verhy proud. I’ve drained my hot stud so completely he has erupted all over me like a volcano.

Making a man cum makes me feel powerful, accomplished, beautiful inside and out and I want to see the fruits of my passion and his.

I absolutly LOVE to hold all that power in my hands. his immense throbbing cock. I can’t get enough, and after I feel his full erection and heavy balls, just as I hold all of the power in my hands, I want nothing more that to have that power be expressed with a huge load all over me!

So, naturally, when I see the last beautiful glistening pearly drops of cum dangling from my stud’s hard cock, I know that I have utilizedd all my amazing skills and sex appeal, my hot love Goddess Power to maximum victorious effect.

How do YOU feel about this?
Does this make you hot? Do you want to indulge in some hot cum play with me?
Please do xo

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