For those on the periphery of the Foot Fetish spectrum, here is a post for you. 
Do you have a Pedal Pushing fetish? Do you get that wiggle in your diddle when you see a woman with her feet smooshing the pedal of a car? Or perhaps the piano or organ pedal turns you on. (Is that the only reason you sit in the front pew in church?)
Maybe your hunger comes in women walking in the garden, the loam squishing through her toes. 
What if she was walking on the beach barefoot, the ocean wrapping itself around her toes, foot, and ankles… do you like that, too? Some with this beachy foot fetish love when feet are completely submerged in water. Which brings us to backyard pools. Did you have a pool installed just so you can watch the shimmer of feet on the steps when your lady sits on the edge or is walking in?
Cum along with me as we walk through your foot fetish thoughts and desires on my blog.

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